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January 23, 2006

Novell Survey!

by @ 2:29 pm. Filed under General Linux, Work-Related

Working on the survey is one of the cooler things I’ve been involved with, lately. It’s nice to see a big company like Novell making effort to listen to the customers. They’re truly interested in addressing peoples’ concerns. Novell wants to know from the consumer’s point of view, what applications does the consumer use that are Windows only, are keeping them (consumers) from switching to Linux. That’s something that I find pretty dang cool. I spent a lot of time this morning cleaning up the data. Before I fool-proofed it, it was possible for the customers to enter in erroneous data. So, I had to go modify the “USA”, “U.S.A.”, “US of A”, and “US” values in the country field all to be “United States.” Stuff like that.

Then, I started making actual code to output the results of the data. I can’t really release the results as of yet, but it’s really cool to see it all falling into place, finally. We’ve been working on this baby for about a month. It’s nice to see it bootstrapped and all working, now. Take a jaunt over to the survey, fill it out, and then send it to everyone you know so that they can fill it out. Don’t forget that you can make as many requests as you wish. We want to get as much information about this as we can. This has some pretty big potential to make a lot of impact on the Linux movement.

Head over to CoolSolutions and sign up for the Linux newsletters. You’ll get some stats from this survey this week in your inbox.


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