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January 26, 2006

If the shoe fits….

by @ 9:43 pm. Filed under Work-Related

Ok, so I’m at work, banging away on the good old survey. My sibling pops onto GAIM and says, “I can triple the amount of submssions in one day that you’ve gotten in the last three weeks.” Being the wise elder brother, with nothing but total and utter faith in my tone, I said, “Yeah, I bet you can’t.”

So, we banter back and forth about SEO, phraseology, algorithms, marketing, consultation, networking, and promoting. Finally, I grow tired of the twaddle and say, “Fine. You win. What do I do?” So, he unloads on me. Now, I can type upwards or 100 words per minute on a good day. An oral machinegunner, he had me redlined on the keyboarding skills.

After taking studious notes, and repeating back things, I think I finally get the picture. So, I send a couple of emails (about 20, give or take 15) asking if people would consider putting a link to the survey. I never realized how generous people are!

I got several immediate responses. Within minutes, the traffic to the survey jumped from 5 submissions per hour to about one per minute. Within a couple of hours, there were about 15 other websites that had posted links to the survey. Some time later, I was contacted for two interviews, one of which is featured here. Man, someone looks like they know what they’re talking about.

Linux Holy Man say, “Knowledge is power.” Actually, I’m sure someone else came up with that. But, I’m here to tell you that if you know what you are doing, you’ll see some good results come your way. Especially if you have a younger sibling that knows. Because then, you can play Enemy Territory while he’s learning everything, and then use him shamelessly for his knowledge.

Sweet. Gotta go grab my next Netflix movie while he studies up on bating search engines.

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