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January 29, 2006

Gaim Rules. So does YAST.

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*MAN*, Linux is totally sweet. So, I’m a hardcore Gaim-er, right? Well, when I found out that Sean Egan was hired by Google, my interest was quite piqued (Sean, you are the man). I checked probably about four times a week for the new version to come out. Finally, here I am at the end of January with a very-well-working beta version of Gaim 2.0.0 installed on my home computer. I’m clickin’ around, thinkin’ I’m all slick because I have Gaim 2 and it isn’t even in any YAST repository, yet. Who’s l33t?

You’re right, not me. OK, so I’m having a ball with this new Gaim upgrade. I’m like, “Well, why don’t I just upgrade my machine at work to Gaim 2.0.0, too?!?!??!!?!?!” So, I announce to my wife, “Sweetheart, I have to upgrade my Gaim at work to 2.0.0 today, ok?” She says, “Why do you have to drive all that way? That’s like 45 minutes one-way! It’s Saturday. You’re going to go all that way just to install one program on your computer that you don’t even need until Monday?!?! You’re a little silly. That will take 2 hours out of our day, and we need to get stuff done around the house!”

I took a deep breath and held it briefly.

“Princess, I have no intention of leaving the house. I love you, and I love to be with you. I guess I’ll have to do it from here.” Her face softened immediately, she kissed me on the nose, and said, “Oh, ok.” With that, she turned and grabbed the naked-ended permanent marker from our little girl’s hand as she was running towards the wall.

Thus, Linux saved my marriage this very day. Can you believe it?

You are right, I made that entire story up (except for the part about installing Gaim, but come on, you have to have a grand entrance, right?).

However, I did think that it was quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve done all day. I’m speaking of the fact that I connected into my work VPN, connected to my desktop there via SSH, did a quick wget to grab a recent build of Gaim from , and then installed it via commandline.

All you have to do is run “yast2 -i [packagename]” in an SSH session as root, and YAST does the rest. I can just hear some of you thinking, “Oh yeah, well I could do that in Windows with VNC.”

Well… little newsflash: YAST DOES IT VIA SSH. ASCII-based connection. Very low-bandwidth. Nice and efficient. Really good design. You’d hardly experience lag even on dial-up. VNC is much higher bandwidth. Virtually impossible to do via dial-up. Not remotely as efficient in bandwidth. So, it’s basically just like everything else that Windows “can do” that Linux does way better. Oh, and I didn’t pay a dime for my operating system. Sweet.

Linux is the man.

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