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February 21, 2006

OPENSuSE 10.0 beta 4 is out…

by @ 1:13 pm. Filed under General Linux, General SUSE

For anyone needing the latest of the greatest, you can take a look at the newly-available SUSE 10.0 beta 4. Take a look at a well-endowed SUSE landing page for more SUSE-related resources.

One of the greatest choices for a Linux Desktop really is SUSE. It boasts a very up-to-date RPM package repository system whose front end, YAST, is point-and-click easy. Having used approximately 7 distributions myself, it seems to be the most intuitive to use. That in mind, however, one is also able to pop the hood and tweak the underlying system, should the need arise.

Should you need technical support, SUSE is one of the few Linux distributions backed by a large enough company that such support is available, if necessary. It is, however, not free. Knowing that it is available should be comforting to C-level executives of most SMEs.

Personally, I am quite comfortable with the directions that Novell is taking SUSE. One thing I can’t wait to see is the enhancements they’ve made to the XGL graphics subsystem. Evidently, this will enable 3D rendering capabilities right on the X desktop itself.

I’m interested. I love eyecandy, and 3D acceleration is definitely part of that market.

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