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May 5, 2006

Does anyone have a baseball bat?

by @ 9:31 pm. Filed under My Opinion

Here’s another link to a PayPal phisher. I leave them at your mercy. We need to launch some kind of organized attack against idiots like this. Again, do not enter your real information.

Do not enter real information here!

You’re right. I’m stupid. I thought paypal would be at My bad. I’m the brainless dolt. That’s what I get for thinking. Oh, man. I can’t believe I ever thought that paypal would be at

Logo Competition Winner / Can I give you some money?

by @ 3:43 pm. Filed under SUSE Blog News

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the winner of the logo competition. Congratulations go out to Seprian, who submitted this logo:

SUSE Linux Rants Logo Competition Winner

Seprian, I will contact you via email to arrange payment of your $100.

First runner up was this one, from Bill:

SUSE Linux Rants Logo Competition Runner-Up

Second runner up was this one, from Hylke:

SUSE Linux Rants Logo Competition Runner-Up

I want to thank everyone who entered. The winner and 2 runners-up will get a free t-shirt with the winning logo printed on it. Good job, guys.

I am actually quite surprised with the quantity of quality that I received. Thanks tons, guys. I’m amazed at your talents. It was very difficult for me to choose the winner. I had to actually come up with some additional criteria.

Also, I tried to think of a way to get some extra money. That did not work. So, I found a way to give it away. Take a look over at the right side of the page. I formed a business alliance with an affiliate of mine (read: sold my soul). If you have an old cellular telephone that is doing nothing more for you than collecting dust, we would be glad to give you some money for it. The more the merrier. I think he said something about building the world’s biggest cell phone sculpture or something. If you know others who may have old phones, send ’em over.

SUSE Linux 10.1 Is READY!

by @ 10:09 am. Filed under SUSE News

Check the announcement from Mr. Jaeger:

We mastered wednesday RC4, fixed bugs and then mastered RC5 and
declared that last night as goldmaster (= final version). We only did
a limited set of media for now and will do the final sets, all the
delta ISOs (both from RC1 and RC3), and a proper frozen ftp tree on
monday and distribute it to the mirrors so that we can announce and
release this version next thursday (12th of May).

Thanks a lot for all your testing, bug reporting, comments and
encouragement through this especially long beta and release phase of
SUSE Linux 10.1. I’ve heard early quite some critizisms but also in
the end a lot of people saying that 10.1 is now a great release – and
I would like to thank you for your part in making it great!

This is intented as a quick FYI – I’ll make a proper announcement next
week with the release announcement,


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