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May 30, 2006

Can SUSE Linux drive my moving truck?

by @ 6:32 am. Filed under General SUSE, SUSE Blog News

How many ways can you get your brains handed to you? I feel like I’ve been beaten to death like 23 times. Huh, Brett? Too bad it has nothing to do with SUSE. Otherwise I’d tell you about the 1500 miles I drove a 24′ truck full of my parents’ crap only to unpack it when I arrived at my destination. Not to mention almost sliding off a cliff and running over someone’s hood. And that’s like a third of the whole story. However, nuttin’ to do with SUSE.

On the other hand, Xgl sure seems to be popular these days. Tell you what, there has been so much buzz about that single feature of Linux. It’s almost like Linux is the coolest operating system that there is. Actually, it’s exactly like that. I hear Macs are looking very nice this time of year, though. Between Xgl being totally cool, and the package update system totally non-functional, I’m about as bipolar as I’ve felt in like 18 months.

I somehow ended up with someone’s Treo 650. Nice little toy, that is. Does anyone have any idea how to get Linux on that bad boy? Nothing like resetting your email server or reconfiguring your firewall from a cellular telephone. Only real admins can do hi-tech stuff like that. Does anyone at least know if the Palm OS has some kind of terminal?

Unfortunately, between the 3,000 miles that I’ve traveled this weekend and the other various types of manual labor that I’ve done, it’s taken almost all my time. Therefore, I haven’t had the time to dig my claws and sink my teeth into all the latest SUSE excitement quite as much. For some seriously up-to-date news, however, take a look at my Linux newsfeed page. That page has as much Linux/Tech news as you could read in a day, except that new news is always posted. When you get done, there will always be more. See how that works?

Well, everyone have a sweet day. If I have anything that is witty, humorous, clever, intelligent, informative, helpful, or in any way useful (or I think that it is any of these), I will be sure and share.

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