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June 9, 2006

Linux takes the champion’s spot in more ways than one

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As it turns out, there is someone who can tell us Why Linux Servers Trump Windows SBS. Wait a minute, I totally already knew that.

With Windows, it is easier to point-and-click most of it. Microsoft is an excellent marketing company. They know how to get people to use their stuff, and stay using it (they can sell a toilet full of sewage to pretty much anyone and do on a daily basis). With Linux, things may be a little tricky to get set up the first time (however, these types of things are indeed becoming easier). However, your trade-off is that your systems will be more robust and less vulnerable to attacks, breaches, hacks, etc.

Just do everyone a favor and learn Linux. If you need someone to change your diaper, use Windows.

I think that Mozilla has every right to be confident of its security lead over Microsoft. They should be. Though not perfect, Firefox is solid. I take it to sites on my Linux platform that I wouldn’t dream of taking IE on Windows. I hope they don’t get all cocky. However, if they can keep going the direction that they are, they will have my vote.

Wouldn’t you know that Another Windows Vista Feature Bites the Dust. Quality work, guys. Pretty soon all they’ll have to offer is a kernel and notepad, and that in 2010. Work that PR, baby.

Hey, would you believe that Windows “phones home” to verify that it is not a pirated copy? Well, it does exactly that. Microsoft says, “Whoopsie, I guess we need to work on that a bit.” How stupid do they think their users are? Well, they may have a point.

Saved the best for last.

Helios generally has some good food for thought. The latest from that neck of the woods is no different. He wrote a piece called “Stockholders Cuddled, Customers Screwed. – Microsoft: ‘Sorry, it’s just business’.” Man, can I just tell you? Feed my paranoia, why don’t you? Check it out and see what you think.


I also wanted to tip my hat to Dell for their efforts in working with Novell to provide SUSE Linux on the servers that they sell.

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