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August 10, 2006

SUSE Linux 10.1 redeemed – problems caused by faulty hardware

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The server story continues. Today, my manager told me to install Windows on that box that has been giving me so much trouble. After coming back in from being violently ill outside, I got to work. Immediately, the Windows 2000 disc asked me for RAID drivers. Sweet… no dice there. Windows fails again. I took that information to my manager who said to install Windows 2003 Server. After coming back in from being violently ill again, I installed Windows 2003 Server on that machine. About 4 minutes after it was finished, imagine my glee when I saw this on the monitor:

SUSE Linux 10.1 rides again


As it turns out, the machine is just a dying piece of junk. It would crash on the NIC drivers, then it would crash on the RAID drivers. Windows 2003 Server even crashed on the NTFS drivers.

My manager is giving me a different machine tomorrow so I can put SUSE 10.1 on that bad boy. Woots. Wish me luck.

I got such a kick out of that BSOD that I have added to my Windows Error Gallery. Go check it out.

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