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November 28, 2006

M$/Novell Linux Deal is Part of Vista Marketing Campaign

by @ 2:52 pm. Filed under General Linux, My Opinion

I was just obsessing through my newsfeeds like I do every morning at this time, and I cam across an article that really makes sense to me. The thought that the author presents is “the latest comments about the patent agreement between Microsoft and Novell are part of a marketing campaign for Vista.” The line of thinking goes like this: M$ is coming out with their new product sometime early next year (barring any more delays). They realize that many people may not want to buy it, and that said people have some probability of switching to Linux. Thus, they are, once again, just attempting to scare people into buying something that they don’t want and is not worth the cost.

You have to admit, they are brilliant marketing people. They just aren’t that good with software.

Elmar Geese, executive director of the Linux Association, was quoted in the article as saying that Linux users should not let Ballmer’s comments worry them. This in reference to his threats to sue people who are not using SUSE Linux. It will be cost-prohibitive to them in time and other resources (not necessarily money) to sue everyone. And the consumers are not worth it. It is all just part of a huge marketing campaign.

As always, use Linux. Spread Linux. Share Linux. Encourage people to use Linux (if all else fails, guns are usually persuasive enough).

Oh, and make sure it’s SUSE. Then you won’t get sued. 🙂

That last part was a joke. Imagine it came from Steve Ballmer (because it did, you see. That’s the joke, get it?)

Definition of Satire

Definition of Sarcasm

November 25, 2006

Why SUSE 10.1 Remains

by @ 2:47 am. Filed under My Opinion, SUSE News, War

Time for some more happiness from the Morris corner. Actually, let’s dispense with the happiness first, so we can get into the meat.

Incidentally, all my subject matter comes from the openSUSE Mailinglist Archives.

First item up for discussion would be the announcement of openSUSE release candidate 1. Straight from Andreas Jaeger:

I’m glad to announce Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of openSUSE 10.2
codename Basilisk Lizard. It contains a large number of enhancements
and updates done by the open source community and Novell’s development

See – and the ChangeLog file
on the first media of each set for a detailed overview of changes.

We have created again Delta ISOs from the DVD and CDs of Beta. Please
use them for download and use bittorrent.

Please report all bugs you find on in our bugzilla as explained in, discussion is most appropriate on the

opensuse-factory@xxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

The next release will be in two weeks our final version, we’re now
concentrating on fixing shipment blockers.

openSUSE 10.2 RC1 comes in different medias:
* 5 CDs, you need CDs 1-3 for a normal installation with just GNOME or
KDE (any language) [currently you need CD4 for a KDE install for
non-english installs, this will be fixed for the final version]

* 1 AddOn CD with only non-OSS (binary) packages on it
* 1 AddOn CD with language packages that are used for our tier 2
languages (tier 1 languages are english, french, italian, spanish,
brasilian portugese, german, chinese, japanese and czech – and
support for those is on the standard 5 CDs) (the 5 CDs have support
for installation in all translated languages, just extra packages
are only on this extra media)

* 1 DVD containing the contents of the above 5 CDs and the non-oss CD.
* a FTP tree with open source packages (only for the final version,
for now use the factory tree)
* a FTP tree with binary packages (only for the final version, for now
use the factory-extra tree)

Thanks to everybody making this release happen – and thanks to all
testing it!


P.S. Here’re the usual handy URLs for download:

Download URLs for the torrents of the DELTA-ISOs:

Download URLs for the torrents of the ISOs:
CD Media:

DVD media – ISO images are only available via bittorrent:

Download URLs for the Binary Add-On Media torrent:

Download URLs for the Language Add-On Media torrent:

Download URLs for the full Delta ISOs:
x86 architecture (Intel 32-bit) architecture:

For PowerPC architecture:

For x86-64 (AMD64 / EM64T) 64-bit architecture:

Download URLs for the full ISOs:
x86 architecture (Intel 32-bit) architecture:

For PowerPC architecture:

For x86-64 (AMD64 / EM64T) 64-bit architecture:

Download URLs for the Binary Add-On Media ISOs:

Download URLs for the Language Add-On Media ISOs:

Yes, I realize that everyone already knew that. Happiness over, now onto the fun stuff.

Second item up for bids: Microsoft/Novell

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like the Novell/Microsoft thing. I have honestly tried to keep an open mind. Probably more so than many other people, which surprises me. I generally react to that stuff like a truckload of illegal immigrants headed for the nearest INS office (a few more great thoughts about this important matter). Dunno, this time I just didn’t.

The day I heard about that, I felt a dark ripple in the karma of the open source Universe. Kind of like when you’re scuba diving in cold water, and some of it gets inside your wetsuit and shoots down your back. Or like when you’re sitting on the freeway, and you see a fully loaded Peterbilt diesel heading straight for your face. That kind of feeling.

Here are a handful of things that I am working with:

1) Microsoft does not do something in a corporate setting just for the good of the cause. They are always in it to benefit THEMSELVES. This means that if they have to destroy a Linux company or two, no biggie baby. What ever happened to “Linux is a Cancer,” Mr. Ballmer?

2) Name me a company that entered into a contractual agreement or partnered with Microsoft that has come through it unscathed. Yep, I can’t think of one, either.

3) They have a certain history of spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD). Boy, talk about FUD. They’ve practically splintered the whole Linux community. They’ve at least ingrained and widened some of the fissures that already existed. They’ve begun a polarization movement to divide the open source folks against themselves. They’re waiving the threat of being sued over everyone like a terrorist’s bomb-jacket trigger.

4) You can’t blame Novell, they need the money. And boy, money talks (especially $304 Million).

5) I believe that it is one of those things that flashes brightly and fades quickly. Ooooo, look at the big scary monster. Except he didn’t do anything (or someone shot him in the head). Threat neutralized. As you were. I don’t really think as much is going to happen as the general vocal population does.

6) If Microsoft does make good on their claims, they’ll be taking on some huge corporations like IBM. About the fourth time they sue some major client base, they’ll have their hands too full to sustain it for too long. Someone will eventually kneecap them. And you might say that they’d sue individual people. Absolutely not worth their time. So, either way they go, they’ll be screwing themselves.

7) Linux does not infringe upon Microsoft’s intellectual property. Give me a damn break. If anything, Microsoft has been stealing others’ ideas since the inception of the Windows operating system. Hell, DOS didn’t even belong to Gates when it all started. He got it from Seattle Computer Products.

OK, so anyway, my conclusion is to just stick around with openSUSE and just see how it all plays out. The SUSE Linux Enterprise products still rock, though. I have had plenty of time to check those babies out. SLED 10 absolutely rules.

Third on my plate is this unbelievable email from Mark Shuttleworth. That individual has some set of brass ones, man. Right out of the chute, we have:

“Novell’s decision to go to great lengths to circumvent the patent framework clearly articulated in the GPL has sent shockwaves through the community. If you are an OpenSUSE developer who is concerned about the long term consequences of this pact, you may be interested in some of the events happening next week as part of the Ubuntu Open Week:”

Let’s not beat around the bush, homes. Lay it to me straight. Talk about sensationalist opportunism. Don’t even beat around the bush with it. None of this political mumbo-jumbo. Go straight for the jugular. While you’re at it, might as well see if you can’t get the carotid. Insert the word ARROGANT here.

“If you have an interest in being part of a vibrant community that cares about keeping free software widely available and protecting the rights of people to get it free of charge, free to modify, free of murky encumbrances and “undisclosed balance sheet liabilities”, then please do join us.”

Swallow that FUD campaign hook, line, and sinker, bro. Spread it around even. Congratulations, you’ve won my highest award for lack of judgement. It’s called the ‘Boulder on a Chain’ award. The way it works is you shackle the free end of the chain to your ankle, and then throw the boulder into the ocean.

“I know that posting this message to an OpenSUSE list will be controversial.”

There’s the rocket-scientist that I always knew was in there deep down. Came up with that one all by yourself, did ya’?

“I’m greatly respectful of the long tradition of excellence in the SuSE product and community and have no desire to undermine that with this post. That said, I think the position taken by Novell leadership in their contract with Microsoft is hugely disrespectful of the contributions of thousands of GPL programmers and contributors to SuSE, and I know that many are looking for a new place to get involved that is not subject to the same arbitrary executive intervention.”

Looks like he has ‘respect’ issues, claiming respect, then disrespect, disrespectfully. He definitely has respect issues. And possibly a very small penis.

You’re right, that was uncalled for, he has no respect issues.

(K)Ubuntu will not be found on any of my computers anytime soon. Could someone pass me the Mandriva Discs?

I actually found Andreas Jaeger’s response to this.

Anyway, I just wanted to scratch an itch or two, seeing as I haven’t had the time to do that much, of late. I just finished a 13-page marketing proposal for a school class. It was about how to make over $50 Billion force-feeding garbage software to the entire planet. Wait, someone already did that. Guess I’ll have to start over.

Please do not bother flaming me about Ubuntu. Your message will be expedited to /dev/null before it reaches human eyes. I won’t read it, and I won’t respond because honestly, I just don’t care. Understand that I really don’t.

November 21, 2006

Observations on MS/Novell

by @ 1:28 pm. Filed under General SUSE, My Opinion, novell, SUSE News

Grozdan wrote in with a great point of view, as follows:

In reply to your blog on planetSUSE, I send you my own point of view. This is actually take from my own blog ( where I wrote how I see this is going to play out in the near future. Keep in mind that this is just my personal point of view and I might be wrong (I really hope so)… OK, here it is….

The MS/Novell deal caused a pretty big disturbance in the FOSS community. I know that this has been covered many times on a lot of web sites but I just wanted to give my personal point of view and I’ll make it as short as possible 🙂

MS saw for the past 5 years or so that it’s losing market share to Linux in the enterprise market and it will continue to lose. Now that they have a deal with one of the major companies that are involved in Enterprise Linux, they can use it to split the FOSS community in two. On one side you’ll have the commercial FOSS developers who will be “protected” by this agreement between Novell & MS. On the other side you’ll have the non-commercial guy who is contributing to the FOSS community but is not “protected” by MS in any way.

That is what MS is looking for. Once they split the FOSS community in two, which they are trying to do that right now using their contract with Novell to spread FUD that they can sue you if you don’t use SUSE products, it will be much easier for them to control the commercial side of Linux trough Novell’s SLES/SLED products. When they accomplish this, they can stab Novell in the back by breaking the contract thus making it very easy to enforce their patents if Novell decides to insert some MS code into their products during the contracts period.

I just fail to see how this deal could be good for Novell or the FOSS community in general.

I can accept this point of view. Microsoft is very seldom in something for the fuzzy-bunnies and glittering princess fairies. They are starving carnivores, and they smell blood. They should adopt the title of “The American Dismemberment Association”, or TADA! I am not all that sure that this was that great of an idea myself, but as another reader Michael pointed out, “Right now I’m in a wait and see mode.” He says, “I just can’t throw it away because Novell may have screwed up.” I dig ya’, man. I think I’ll at least keep with the open source distro. SLED and SLES 10 are quite solid products as well.

One of my big concerns is that there will be a significant decline in the open source community of people who are using SUSE. I realize that in the enterprise or corporate sector there will likely be a significant increase in market share. However, then it becomes a sell-out distro used only by people who don’t care about it. I’m not all that excited to use a distro in such a situation.

Nevertheless, if it does come to that, I’ll likely jump ship at that time. Until then, I’ll probably just stay with SUSE.

Michael also pointed me to his blog which references a great article by my boy Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols.

November 20, 2006

Here is your chance…

by @ 11:13 am. Filed under General Linux, General SUSE

Here’s what I would actually like to do with this one. Anyone who wants to take the soapbox, here is your chance. Please email me your opinions on the M$/Novell agreement. Send me links to stories about it. Send me predictions of the future. Send me recommendations to Linux distributions to check out as alternatives to SUSE. Send me thoughts from the business strategy standpoint as well as the rants from tne open source standpoint. Send all opinions, links, thoughts, complaints, stories, predictions, recommendations to novellmsagreement at suseblog dot com. If there are any that are exceptionally well thought-through or informative or offer some unique point of view, I will post them here. Let’s hear what you think. (Aaron Toponce has one vote for Ubuntu *takes note on tally pad*).

November 9, 2006

Linux is incredible

by @ 9:54 am. Filed under General Linux, General SUSE, Linux News

School….. *BAH*!

If you work full time, are married, and have a child, never take 16 credit hours of school in a semester. It will beat you senseless.

Many apologies for the infrequent posts. I’ve received several inquiries as to what I opine about recent events. I’m putting a piece together, but I fear I’ve missed the window of opportunity. Whatever, I’ll still post it at some point.

I did read something that made me absolutely smile, though. It’s an article called, “Linux man gets his Windows money back.” Finally, someone has figured out how to return the blasted OS and get their money back after buying a computer that comes prepackaged with it. Pass this information on to people. They could save themselves a decent amount of money should they follow suit.

Anyway, I have to run, I am still a week behind in homework, and have mounting fires to put out at work. I’ll post something about the M$/Novell thing here, at some point.

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