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April 26, 2007

Beryl running on my openSUSE 10.2 laptop (incl. screenshot)

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I have been running beryl for over a month now, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. While I am at work, I like to display my setup to as many Windows users as pass by. Thus, I generally set it up something like this:

beryl on openSUSE Linux
Click for larger image

I leave it open all day, looking just like that. This way, when the Windows users walk by and see it and ask what it is, I get some small satisfaction (that I totally shouldn’t get) from telling them that it doesn’t run on Windows, and that this means that they can’t install it. What brings an eventual grin to my face is the immediate look of confusion that appears on their face because they have absolutely no idea what I just said.

So here’s my take on beryl. When people ask me whether I think Linux is ready for the desktop, I whip out beryl. Now, just because it can flash and dance does not mean that it is necessarily ready for the desktop. However, if the community feels that something like beryl is practical to develop, the rest of the desktop requirements must be fairly well met. Which, of course, I can tell you that they are.

What is even more incredible is that Mac has had animated desktops for a few years now, and Linux does stuff with beryl that will send you into seizures (good ones, of course!). Both of them are far superior to their common competitor. And that competitor is having trouble keeping up with the features. IE 7 just got tabs, for example, which of course have been available in Firefox for a long time. Vista has its new Aero effects, yes. However, they are mainly available only in the enterprise/professional versions? How does that make sense? The enthusiast is the one who will be interested in that stuff. Which means the HOME users. At work, people are expected to work, and not play with accelerated desktops. CEOs won’t give a rat about Aero, other than hating it because people are not able to work, but are distracted with all the eyecandy (I use the word “all” kind of tongue-in-cheek, as it doesn’t hold a candle to beryl).

Nice. Give it to the people who don’t care, and take it from the people who do.

* blank stare *

Whatever, I am absolutely digging my beryl install on my openSUSE 10.2 laptop. If you haven’t had a chance, head over to youtube or something and check out some of the beryl demos.

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