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May 8, 2007

The Weekend From Hell

by @ 9:04 pm. Filed under Work-Related

This blog post could easily be titled, “The Weekend I Got Kicked In the Face.” Since I didn’t, though, that may be a bit misleading. It just feels like it. Heh.

It started Friday when I had my car in the shop all day getting my new 4.10 gears put into my rear differential on my new Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Right at noon, our production server went offline. I was told at 3:30 that if the production server was not back online at 5:00, that we would be rebuilding it on a new server. I’m a firm believer in colocation, now. Our managed hosting provider did not like something we did, and yanked our account.

At 4:30, the guy called me telling me my car was finished. My friend Jason raced me to the shop to pick it up. We were also preparing ourselves to spend the next 24 hours rebuilding a server. When I got my car, they told me that my rear brakes were shot, along with the rotors and emergency brake shoes. I could have them fix it for a mere $460. Turns out, the next morning I spent $410 on parts, and not only redid the rear brakes, but changed the front pads as well. Ceramic brake pads all around. It’s the only way to go if you ask me.

The only problem is that this took until 1:30 AM Sunday morning. At around 7:00 Saturday night, my work began calling me, asking when I could come in and rebuild the server. I told them that my car was immobile at the moment. You may ask why, if I knew my work needed me, would I change my brakes, thusly incapacitating myself from being able to attend to the needs of my employer.

Well see, the plot thickens. We have three cars, one of which (the 1999 Crown Victoria LX) is out of commission, having a blown engine. Next weekend, we will be getting a new engine put into that particular vehicle. I just can’t seem to part with it. I’ve had it since it had 19,000 miles on it, and the engine just went out at 152,000. It’s all good, because the new engine only has 49,000 on it. Anyway, that one will get some help next weekend.

That leaves us down to two available cars. Not quite that simple, however. We have to sell one of these remaining cars (1995 Honda Civic LX) to get enough money to fix up the other two (’04 Crown Vic and ’99 Crown Vic). $600 to put in the new engine, a few hundred more to get it into tip-top shape, and another few hundred to wrap up some repairs to the ’04 (rack & pinion steering hose, exhaust leak in the EGR tube).

Thursday night at 11:00 PM, I put the Honda up on and by Friday at 7:00 PM, I had $200 in my hand to hold the car until Monday. The new owner would come by and give us the remaining $2800 then.

The inference here is because of all this, I had until Monday to get some good brakes into my ’04 Crown Vic. It would stand as the only car in which my family would have the means to travel, probably for a couple of weeks. Thus, the brakes were to be done on Saturday, taking the gamble that I would either not need to go in to rebuild the server, or that they could wait long enough for me to get done with my brakes, and I wouldn’t lose my job. As luck would have it, I have a great place of employment, and they were very understanding.

Fast-forward to Sunday morning at 1:30 AM, when I was putting the last wheel cover back on after all the brakes were done. I called my work back and told them I would be in by 2:00. I took a quick shower, threw some fresh clothes on, and jumped into the car with the brand-spanking-new brakes, hoping that I did it right. With some fair amount of luck, I made it to work, where I spent the next 8 hours setting up the LAMP stack, installing PHPMyAdmin, restoring code and database backups to the new server, and setting up an email server. Just as I was finishing my final touches to the email server, my wife called.

She was going into labor.

Again, I was on a mega-short time crunch. I finished the email server and typed out some instructions for the techs who would be in the next shift, finishing setting up the server. I then shot home like a rocket. Sometimes, it does help to drive a car that really really looks like a cop car (boy, you should see people fly out of my way on the freeway). I got home in no time.

We packed up everything and dropped Azzie off at her grandma’s house. Hospital-bound, we set out.

At 2:09 that afternoon, my son Evan was born (8 lbs 7 oz, 20 1/2″ long). After we were relocated to a recovery room, my body realized it hadn’t been asleep since the morning of the previous day. I began fading at roughly the same rate as if someone was hitting me in the head repeatedly with an aluminum baseball bat.

I haven’t been kicked in the face (at least at any time during the past few days), but boy, it sure feels like it. Let’s just say this past weekend was the longest three weeks of my life.

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