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May 22, 2007

Warning – Disturbing Images

by @ 5:58 pm. Filed under pranks, War

Well, a couple of days ago, I challenged everyone to submit tattoos for Bill Hilf’s balding forehead. Well, I got a submission I both expected, and did not expect. I’ll just go ahead and post that right here, for ya’ll. Personally, I think it does perfect justice:

Remember, kids, although I fully endorse this picture, I did not do it. My good pal Jason did. 🙂 Have a great day.

Graphic Design in Linux – The Gimp – Some Icons for You

by @ 7:13 am. Filed under freebies, General Linux

Hello there, fellow users of open source software. 🙂 I have never started with that line, so I thought I’d try it.

I have this project that I am working on, which requires some nice graphics. Bein’ the poor fool that I am, I cannot pay a graphic designer to make them. Therefore, I figured I’d don my most tastefully intuitive emo art reflective deep-ness, and be my own ar-teest (I am not going to cut my ear off, though). I whipped open the Gimp like it was yesterday’s burrito and started clicking rabidly on every icon I could find. At some point, I accidentally produced the following buttons:

Some Icons

Suck as they may, I wanted to offer them to whomever may need something similar. If you need an icon set or some buttons for something or whatever. They are really big because I can’t see very well. Just kidding. I make them big so that when I shrink them, it tightens the definition of the lines. So use them at your leisure and let me know if they are helpful in any way.

The Gimp file can be found here. (right-click, “Save File As”)

You can adjust the color if you need to. Select one of the colored layers. Then go up to the LAYER menu in Gimp, then the COLORS sub-menu, then click on HUE-SATURATION. Move the HUE slider back and forth until you find the color you like.

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