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June 5, 2007

Dreamworks Renders Shrek 3 on Linux

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Dreamworks using Linux to render Shrek 3

Dreamworks continues putting out great movies, even when they are about ogres. One of the coolest features of this company is that they do their rendering on Linux machines.


“All the big film studios primarily use Linux for animation and visual effects. Perhaps no commercial Linux installation is larger than DreamWorks Animation, with more than 1,000 Linux desktops and more than 3,000 server CPUs.

“‘For Shrek 3, we will consume close to 20 million CPU render hours for the making of the film’, says DreamWorks Animation CTO Ed Leonard. ‘Each of our films continues to push the edge of what’s possible, requiring more and more compute power.’ Everyone knows Moore’s Law predicts that compute power will double every one and a half years. A little known corollary is that feature cartoon animation CPU render hours will double every three years. In 2001, the original Shrek movie used about 5 million CPU render hours. In 2004, Shrek 2 used more than 10 million CPU render hours. And in 2007, Shrek 3 is using 20 million CPU render hours.”

“‘At any given time, we are working on more than a dozen films’, says Leonard. ‘Each of those films has its own creative ambition to push the limits of CG filmmaking.’ DreamWorks Animation employs about 1,200 people, with about two-thirds in their Glendale studio and the rest in their PDI studio in Redwood City linked by a 2Gb network. (Note that DreamWorks Animation, a publicly traded company led by Jeffrey Katzenberg, isn’t Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks live-action that merged with Paramount recently.)”

“‘There were many specific technical advancements on the movie, including advancements in hair, clothing, costuming and crowds as well as bringing the secondary character animation [crowds] to a whole new level of performance’, says Leonard. About 350 people are working on Shrek 3, with about 300 at PDI and 50 in Glendale.”

Read the entire article here

BMW and Audi Giving SUSE Linux a Try

by @ 3:31 pm. Filed under General SUSE, Linux migrations, Linux News, SUSE News

BMW and Audi are also giving SUSE Linux a try. More specifically, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.


“BMW and Audi car makers rely on Novell’s SuSE Linux Enterprise Edition Server (SLED) for maintaining their data center. BMW Group combined SuSE’s Linux with the Xen virtualisation software on its servers equipped with Intel x86 dual-core processors. As the results seemed to be highly promising so far, BMW stated that it also considers taking a chance on Novell ZENworks Orchestrator, for managing its virtual data center system.”

Read the entire article here.

Dell Joins M$ and Novell / Xandros Joins M$

by @ 2:11 pm. Filed under Dell, General Linux

Seems like everyone’s on the Open Source bandwagon. Dell joined up with M$ and Novell…


“Dell says it’s on board with the Microsoft and Novell Linux partnership.

“As part of the deal, Dell will buy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server certificates from Microsoft. It will also launch a services and marketing program to woo existing Linux users who are not Dell customers to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. It wasn’t immediately clear how many certificates Dell either purchased or planned to purchase. The certificates sold tally–40,000–is the same as it was in March when Microsoft and Novell announced HSBC was buying certificates. The tally in January was 35,000.”

“The good news: Dell is going after the Linux market in a big way. The bad news: Dell may torpedo any goodwill it had in the Linux community after choosing Ubuntu for its desktop Linux distribution.”

Read more about this story here.

And we have Xandros, who is also jumping in with M$…


“REDMOND, Wash. and NEW YORK, June 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Today Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Linux platform provider Xandros Inc. announced a broad collaboration agreement based on a set of technical, business, marketing and intellectual property commitments. These commitments provide customers with enhanced interoperability, more effective systems management solutions, and intellectual property assurances, all of which extend a bridge between open source and commercial software and deliver customers real value in mixed systems environments.”

Read the press release here

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