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June 8, 2007

Kamloops school district gets an education in free software

by @ 5:10 pm. Filed under General Linux, Linux migrations, Linux News

I love it when I see schools get involved with Linux…

“The Kamloops/Thompson School District in British Columbia, Canada, is a free software success story. Gregg Ferrie, manager of information technology for the district, believes its infrastructure may be “the largest Linux on-the-desktop implementation in Western Canada” in public education. According to Ferrie, hardly a week goes by without another of British Columbia’s more than 60 school districts consulting Kamloops. Currently, five other districts are considering or planning to implement the Kamloops district’s custom-built thin client solution, and the department of education at the University of British Columbia is also investigating the possibility.”

“Kamloops’ success did not come overnight. It represents a culmination of almost a decade of effort that includes resistance from both instructors and unionized technical staff. Ferrie’s account of how he and his small team of system analysts managed to introduce free software to the district provides a case study of the challenges that others might face in making similar efforts.”

Read the entire story here.

UPHPU Lunch at Thanksgiving Point

by @ 2:58 pm. Filed under events

Just got back from the UPHPU lunch… here are some pics (click for bigger image):

This is my brother Brett (eating sandwich), Victor Villa(behind Brett), Lonnie Olson(in the middle), Brandon Stout (far right).

This is Jason Jones (far left), Cole Joplin, and Sheri Bigelow.

This is Steve Dibb (far left), Michael Geary, and Jason.

This is Brandon Stout, Brett, and Steve.

A marvelous time was had by all.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend.

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