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July 31, 2007

90,000 Email Messages and Counting

by @ 11:26 pm. Filed under SUSE Blog News, Thunderbird

Boy, you know that you are busy when you clean this many emails out of your Thunderbird trash:

55045 Messages in My Trash

What’s worse is that I still had this many messages left:

44483 Messages Left

Maybe it’s because I receive upwards of this many emails in a given 48-hr period:

Downloading Message 9418 of 10928

Tell you what… between visiting my dad (he had a stroke), the kids, and the family vacation this past weekend, it’s a wonder that I even know my own name. Wow. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a spectacular day.

I will have available very soon several e-books for anyone who wants them rather than just the people who have signed up for the course. I got a bunch of requests for the e-book last time I did that by people who didn’t want to sign up for the course.

There is some cool stuff in there, and one in particular that Novell put together (over 260 pages) for new Linux users who want to get started with openSUSE 10.2. I was very impressed with it, to be honest.

Hopefully within a day or two, I’ll have all that available for everyone who wants it.

My favorite song of the day: Demonic by Testament

That song is so blistering and abrasive, it actually peels the skin off your face. I totally love it.

July 19, 2007

OpenSUSE 10.3 Alpha6 Released

by @ 9:55 am. Filed under General SUSE, Linux News, SUSE News, SUSE releases

Hey, everyone. Stephan Kulow has announced the latest beta of OpenSUSE 10.3, as follows:


AJ used to write here, that he’s glad to announce. I can’t say I am – I am 

relieved I can announce openSUSE 10.3 Alpha6 to you. I didn’t have a chance
to put too much testing into more than the i586 DVD5 and the KDE CD. But I 

didn’t want to wait any longer either. So I’m left with hoping the best.

Important Changes Since Alpha5


* Linux 2.6.22
* libzypp 3.11.8
* gcc 4.2
* Continued splitting of packages to reduce size

* Introduction of x86_64 CDs for both KDE and GNOME

This is a first alpha release containing the new refactored libzypp software 

management library. The goal was to deliver a working version for this alpha, 
so expect rough edges, unusal slowdown and behavior, for example YaST 

integration is really alpha quality. All bug reports are very welcome.

A more detailed list of changes is available via .

Most Annoying Bugs

* Network setup is still broken (e.g. Bug 292401) 

* Public key for checking release-notes.rpm is unavailable (Bug 292402) 
* Registration is broken (Bug 292404) 

* GNOME 2.19 is W.I.P. (Bug 292706 and Bug 292837)
* "Add default repositories" crashes the installation (Bug 292643)

As mentioned above, this might be the first alpha we release with known alpha 

Call for Testing

* libzypp/zypper
 Give this good testing. The integration into yast needs testing, zypper

 needs testing, updates would be good to test.
 Please note that the zypp development team collected a huge collection of

 test cases and these pass. So while the new libzypp version didn’t get much
 real life testing, our hopes are high it will work out for you.


 The desktop doesn’t give a good impression to first time users at the moment. 

Media and Download

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha6 for i386, x86-64 and ppc comes as different media

* 1 DVD containing the contents of the 5 CDs and the NonOSS AddOn CD

* 1 CD with a default KDE installation (not for ppc yet)
* 1 CD with a default GNOME installation (not for ppc yet)

* 1 AddOn CD with only NonOSS packages on it
* 1 AddOn CD with language packages that are used for extra

  languages (the DVD contains support for english, french, italian, spanish,
  german, chinese, japanese, czech, danish, norwegian, khmer,

  hungarian, polish) (the DVD has support for installation in all
  languages, just extra packages are only on this extra media)

* DVD/CDs containing the sources corresponding to the media

We have created Delta ISOs from openSUSE 10.3 Alpha5.  Please use them

for download.

The DVDs and the source media are only available via bittorrent.

Please report all bugs you find on in our bugzilla as explained in, discussion is most appropriate on the

opensuse-factory@xxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

To download media, please use the links provided at:

Greetings, Stephan

Download it. Take a look. Love it. Live it. OpenSUSE.

July 18, 2007

Let’s hear it for STEPHAN, the new OpenSUSE project manager!

by @ 3:23 pm. Filed under General SUSE, Linux News, SUSE Blog News, SUSE News

In response to Andreas Jaeger’s email from this morning, saying thus:

I’m glad to announce that I have given over my responsibilities for the openSUSE distribution to Stephan Kulow. As from now on Stephan is project manager for the openSUSE distribution.

Stephan – known also as Coolo – the “born release dude”, has been with Novell/SUSE for five years. Before that he worked on Linux distributions at Caldera. His wide experience in Linux includes the dinosaurs (called s390), desktop technology (KDE), several build systems (including his own at Caldera), and SUSE tools like package translation.

Stephan’s first challenge will be the release of openSUSE 10.3 Alpha6 this week and I fear I’ve left him some hard nuts to crack. Having worked with Stephan for many years, we can expect nothing but an excellent openSUSE 10.3 release in the end. 😉

Btw. in my new function as Director of Platform and openSUSE, I’ll stay involved with openSUSE,


I sent an email to Stephan, to wit:


As a member of the Open Source Community and as someone who makes a livelihood by working with Linux, namely OpenSUSE, I wanted to take a moment and respond to Andreas’ announcement that you were taking over the project releases. I congratulate you on your willingness to work on such a great Linux distribution, and am thrilled to see things progress and move forward. I didn’t know Andreas very well… I worked at Novell for awhile, and had lunch with him and his wife Jana a couple of times, but I am a super huge OpenSUSE fan, and I want to welcome you into your new responsibilities. I host a website, called SUSE Blog, where I post helpful (hopefully) tips and tricks, how-tos, articles, news, and everything else that comes my way regarding OpenSUSE. I have written a 160-page book (free from and offer a free course that people can sign up for on my site to learn how to start using OpenSUSE. In other words, I believe in your work, and I am not a very good programmer in languages such as C or C++, but I do everything else I can to contribute to the development and furthering of OpenSUSE. Please let me know if there is anything that I can ever do for you and I will be honored to do so. Have a spectacular day.


So, let’s give him a warm welcome, everyone!!!!!

July 14, 2007

Opening up the Wallet for OpenSSH

by @ 4:06 am. Filed under General Linux, General SUSE, How-To, ssh tips, SUSE Tips & Tricks

One of the greatest tools that has ever been invented in the networking/connectivity/protocol/technician world is OpenSSH. Please, if you have found OpenSSH to be useful, or at least worth $25, go to the main OpenSSH page and buy a T-Shirt from them. Stop and think for a second whether your very job has been made easier kind of like breathing air makes things easier, just by having OpenSSH available. If so, I implore you to at least make a small donation of any kind to these great folks. They have made my life so much better just by that one program.

This is the T-Shirt that I just bought from them.

Let me tell you why.

Well, if the fact that it makes my very job possible weren’t enough, there is another small reason. Believe me, it is so insignificant, you’d be better off reading a blog post written by a doorknob to a dead snail than continuing to read this.

Oh, man, we just couldn’t drop it, could we… ? Since you are still reading, I can only assume that somehow you are interested in what made me just buy a $25 T-Shirt from the OpenSSH folks.

*rolls eyes and sighs irritatedly* (it is 4:00 am and you are keeping me up you know)

I have a firewall at my place of employment. This firewall terminates latent connections originating from within the company network to any outside machine. This means that if I leave my ssh connections open for more than 4 minutes without typing something, they all get reset. This thing I do not appreciate. In the words of one great Dr. Suess, “And we did not like it. Not one little bit.” I have hated this with some infinite amount of passion since the day I began work there, over a year ago, now.

Well tonight, I finally took 5.3 seconds and did a Google search on “ssh keepalive.” The very first page that came up suggested that I try something super easy. Create a file at $HOME/.ssh/config and put in it the line “ServerAliveInterval 60” and that this would keep my connection alive. Lo, and behold, I have had a connection open now for 8 hours without a single hiccup. That makes me so wonderfully excited that I could just give everyone on the entire planet $400.

Since obviously this is not possible, I decided that I would give the OpenSSH folks $25 because of my newfound happiness which they made possible by writing such a wonderfully cool application that makes my very livelihood possible.

July 11, 2007

Funny Stuff

by @ 1:23 pm. Filed under humor

I like funny stuff, and I like to share it with people, so here are some things I found funny:

So, why didn’t they just say… We are open during the following minutes:

Monday 11:00
Monday 11:01
Monday 11:02
Monday 11:03
Monday 11:04
Monday 11:05
Monday 11:06

If they really need to be that specific….


Saw that one in Smith’s. Couldn’t resist. I now call my new 8 week old son, “Little Buckwheat.”

I really like that one. Perfect.

Everyone enjoy.

change… and back again

by @ 7:11 am. Filed under General Linux, SUSE Tips & Tricks

One command that I use often is “cd.” That’s great for getting to specific directories. A couple of quick tips:

First, you can use it by itself to return to your home directory. If you username is “joe”, and at a command prompt you run “cd” by itself, you are taken to “/home/joe/”. That’s pretty cool.

Second, if you run it with a “-” (dash), it takes you back one in your “present working directory” history. So if I am at “/home/scott” and then I type “cd ..” and hit ENTER, I will be at “/home/”. If I type “cd -” and hit ENTER, I am taken back to where I just was, which is “/home/scott”. Run it again, and I am taken back to where I just was, which is “/home/”.

This is really great if you have to keep switching back and forth between the same two directories in the project you’re working on.

July 3, 2007

This is great…

by @ 12:49 pm. Filed under humor

This just says it all…

Busy week… my dad had a stroke last Tuesday night, about 15 minutes after having talked to him for 2 hours. Was it something I said?

Needless to say, I’ve been focusing on that for a few days. I should be back to it shortly, but I wanted to share that link. Enjoy.

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