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October 9, 2007

OpenSUSE Linux – YaST Survey – Show your support!

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One thing that this latest release of OpenSUSE Linux has demonstrated to me is their willingness to listen to the community. What were the major gripes with prior versions of OpenSUSE? The package manager and multimedia codecs were definitely two of the primary ones. Delighted was I to find that both of these things and a slew of others were the major points of improvement of OpenSUSE over previous versions.

These improvements were brought about through a survey posted earlier this year (results posted here). The successful execution of a survey does not end when the data is gathered, but when the results of the survey have an effect on the project. Team OpenSUSE posted the survey and over 27,000 people responded. Don’t be surprised that the outcome of that survey reflects heavily in the final GM release of OpenSUSE 10.3.

Well, everyone, they want your opinion again. There is a new survey, this time about YaST. So please spread the word. Blog about this survey, announce it wherever possible. Let’s further the cause, and get everyone’s input on how you use YaST, which parts are more important to you, and things of that nature. Show your support to the OpenSUSE folks and let’s give them as much great input as we can!

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