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January 18, 2008

OpenSUSE 11 Alpha 1 Released

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From our friends in Germany:

With the new year beginning we kick start major development into the next version of openSUSE: openSUSE 11.0 (roadmap). A very early alpha version, Alpha 1, is now available for download and testing.

openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 1 Installer
The Beautiful New Look of the Installer

Despite many other products being developed in parallel to Factory, we have seen a heavy stream of development on it, so it is really worth a try if you have time for testing. Note, however, that it is not suitable for production systems.

Changes since openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 0

We have seen 1026 package check-ins since Alpha0 and countless bugs fixed. The main changes against Alpha0 are:

Most Annoying Bugs

Due to the huge amount of changes, there are also several noticeable bugs:

Media and Download

Please refer to for direct links to all the available media.

Have a lot of fun!

Dr. Evil – user of Linux (wallpaper)

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Here’s another Linux wallpaper I found rather entertaining:


Your heart : saved by Linux

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Tux - Linux Mascot

It’s always interesting to see what kinds of devices people are embedding Linux into these days. Well, apparently, there are some students at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan that are making an electronic stethoscope which runs an embedded version of Linux.

Why are they doing this?

The Rhythm Reloaded team is building the stethoscope as part of a senior design project. The team hopes its device will be the first electronic stethoscope able to record, filter, and store computer audio data from a medical patient.”

“The Rhythm Reloaded team hopes its design can improve upon traditional acoustic analog designs, by offering reduced ambient noice and higher recording quality. Audio files will use a format convenient for transfer to PCs via a USB interface.”

Read more about the stethoscope that runs Linux

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