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April 29, 2008

M$ – Monumental Fail – Surely this isn’t true

by @ 12:28 pm. Filed under M$ Exposed, War

Can anyone verify that this unbelievable claim is, in fact, true?

April 16, 2008

Microsoft burns our eyes with Vista promo video

by @ 2:37 pm. Filed under M$ Exposed, War

OK, I am totally stealing this one, but I wanted to share it (thx Steve).

“It’s official, Microsoft knows no shame. We used to think that the Zune tattoo guy was bad for publicity, but now it’s clear that the video promo team needs zero outside help in dragging whatever shred of dignity this company has through the mud. Whoever thought up this Bruce Springsteen-defiling “Rockin’ Our Sales” piece of garbage to promote the launch of Vista SP1 should be fired instantly and sued for defamation. It’s just that good. Video is naturally after the break.”

You HAVE to see just how low they can go.

Masochists click here for punishment.

April 15, 2008

ARP Poisoning – I Read Your Email

by @ 7:24 am. Filed under freebies, General Linux, security

Alrighty, folks. I gave a presentation at Utah Valley State College last night about a network security issue called ARP poisoning. It is the ability to hijack any computer’s connection on a local area network. The concept is that you force all traffic going to and from that machine through your own computer. You are then able to filter through that traffic and determine what the user is doing. It is possible to view passwords, and even change traffic as it goes through your computer. Even if they are on a secure website. It’s a fairly common method of attack, and is something to watch out for. I have compiled my notes into an article in the form of a 4-page PDF. If you want to take a look at how ARP Poisoning works, view the PDF here.

April 2, 2008

Linux comes through again – software RAID

by @ 2:35 pm. Filed under computer tips, General Linux, My Opinion

IM chat between myself and my good buddy Jason:

(03:11:36 PM) My Friend:
(03:11:37 PM) My Friend: blogged.
(03:14:32 PM) Scott: Just read the whole thing, man… that is all too cool.
(03:14:52 PM) My Friend: (nod)
(03:15:10 PM) My Friend: Linux is like marriage….
(03:15:18 PM) My Friend: The more you're involved with it, the sweeter life becomes… 🙂
(03:19:06 PM) Scott: Totally.
(03:19:41 PM) Scott: Windows is like being chained to a wild boar with barbed wire by the nut sack.

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