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June 10, 2008

Download OpenSUSE 11.0: The Very Latest and Greatest of the Linux Desktop

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Download OpenSUSE 11.0 and take the latest release candidate for a spin. The new KDE 4 surely put a grin on my face. The fact that it installs from a LiveCD is a huge improvement. This makes the LiveCD much more useful than the previous types of install CDs. This is true in so many ways, I won’t even try to list them all.

Downloading the most recent development release of OpenSUSE 11.0 is quite simple. You will be very glad you did. This is one of the most polished, easy-to-use versions of Linux that I have personally seen up until the present time. Get pumped for when the Golden Master hits the servers.

Pick your architecture, pick your medium, pick your download type, bake yer disc, experience the joy.

Looking for a DVD image to download? Currently, DVDs are available only via Bittorrent. If that’s cool with you, do it that way.

If you’re ok with a LiveCD based off your favorite desktop environment, you’ll be able to pull down a CD image directly from FTP.

To grab your ISO, there are really only a few short steps.

1. – Select your architecture. 32 bit, 64 bit, or PowerPC.

2. – Select the type of medium you wish to download. CD or DVD. I guess they didn’t like my dead badger ISO suggestion.

3. – Pick a download method for your copy of OpenSUSE 11.0. If you want to do FTP, or want a CD, either option is possible for the other. Unless you want a DVD, then FTP is not an option, rather Bittorrent is your only choice. If your preferred method of delivery is Bittorrent, you can get either the DVD ISO, or a CD ISO of either Gnome or KDE, but not both on the same disc. If you want both, you must either do the DVD via Bittorrent, or two CDs via FTP or Bittorrent. You may optionally elect to do one CD using Bittorrent and the other CD utilizing an FTP server. Unfortunately, at this time, it is not possible to retrieve a DVD ISO image from an FTP server. I just selected ‘standard FTP’.

4. – Start your download. If you selected Bittorrent, you’re given a link to a torrent. If you selected FTP, you’re given a link to the CD image you had selected to download.

5. – Burn the image as an ISO image. Do not burn the ISO onto the disc. In K3B, the option you are looking for says “Burn CD Image” or “Burn DVD ISO Image.”

Where can you cash in on all this happiness? From the Latest openSUSE Developer Versions Download Page.

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