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June 11, 2008

Look at the SIZE of that thing!!

by @ 7:22 pm. Filed under humor

It’s me against this Monster Energy drink, today. Commonplace, this event. Drink a Monster, get stuff done. No problem.

I’m up against a whole new animal today, though. Take a look at this thing. The can on the right is your everyday run-of-the-mill 12-ounce can. The one on the left is my fiendish contender for today:

Huge Monster Can (click for full size)

That freaking Monster can is 7½” tall and 8¼” in circumference. That bad fool is 32 ounces. Surely the biggest Monster Drink I have ever seen.

And at the same time, TOTALLY unrelated to OpenSUSE or Linux. Except that it’s green. Like OpenSUSE.

I’m pretty sure that the OpenSUSE guys and the Monster guys should find a way to install Linux on one of these cans.

OpenSUSE 11.0 Release Party

by @ 11:48 am. Filed under novell, SUSE releases

Well, you know it’s a great day when we’re planning an OpenSUSE 11.0 Release Party. Yeah, that’s going to be pretty exciting.

If you are anywhere close to Provo, Utah on June 19, 2008, we’d love to see you at the Open Source Technology Center (building A). It will be at 6:00 PM. If you have friends who are interested in checking out which Linux they should use, have them come by.

According to The Official OpenSUSE 11.0 Release Party Locations page, pizza will be provided. So RSVP to Stephen Shaw, at the email address listed on the party locations page.

Stephen, I’m going to be there, man.

For people seeking directions, I’ll just grab them and the map from our OpenSUSE 10.3 Release Party last October:

Novell Campus Map

Click image for larger version

Image legend:
1. North-bounders coming in on I-15 take this exit (exit number 263, I believe).
2. South-bounders coming in on I-15 take this exit (exit number 263).
3. This is building A where the Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) is.

For those using Google Maps or Google Earth, the address is:

1800 Novell Pl
Provo, UT 84606

Everyone come. 🙂

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