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June 17, 2008

OpenSUSE Linux 11.0: Your XP End of Life Solution

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When I did the Novell Request an App Survey (follow-ups: article 1, article 2, article 3), a few things were brought into focus. Using the idea of supply and demand, you can assume that software development targets platforms based off the demand principle. If there’s a demand, the supply will rise to fill it. If there’s no demand, the supply will dwindle. Basic economics.

Take, then, this thought: Vista’s big problem: 92 percent of developers ignoring it. Well, when Microsoft admits Vista (is a) failure, you know it has to be bad. The kicker? More developers are writing software for Linux than for Vista.

What does M$ do? They use their tried-and-true iron-fisted dictatorship tactics and force the issue. How are they doing it this time? Killing off their most popular operating system to date to force people to upgrade to Vista. OMG, STFU, WTFH? Hold the phone. You are going to annihilate your most popular product to try and force people to buy your most unpopular product? OK, I haven’t been to the latest MS board meetings, but someone needs a conference call with their marketing department.

How about this, then…. Find a way to transition (where possible and appropriate) to Linux. Pick any of the most mature distributions with the tools that you need. For email-checking and web-surfing home XP users, this will be fairly painless. For businesses, the non-specialized end-user desktops should be easy to switch over. Especially with the release of OpenSUSE 11.0 imminent. Download it. Take a look. Try things out. Give it a few weeks. Then, when XP is officially dead, switch completely over.

Sure, many cases will be a little more complex than that. But if I gave my business to a corporation that snubbed me as hard as M$ does to their customers, you’d hear me breaking the sound barrier getting out of there:

Me Breaking the Sound Barrier getting away from MS

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