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September 12, 2008

Lancelot Menu for KDE 4.1 [video]

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Here is a nice demo of the new Lancelot menu for KDE 4.1:

more information


From a article on Lancelot:

“KDE 4 is barely eight months old, and already it has three options for a main menu. Until now, users have either used the default Kickoff, which makes for awkward navigation of the menu tree, or reverted to the familiar but unwieldy classic menu. Now, with the first full release of Lancelot, users have another option that overcomes the shortcomings of both other alternatives and gives KDE 4 a thoroughly modern menu.”

“According to comments on the project Web page by main developer Ivan ÄŒukić, Lancelot started life as a SuperKaramba applet for organizing desktop icons. Its name is a homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail — as evidenced by the default grail icon — as well as a pun on “launch-a-lot.” As ÄŒukić ported it to the new KDE desktop, the project changed in nature, first to keep pace with rumors about it, and then because of his dissatisfaction with Kickoff. ÄŒukić is apparently not alone in his dissatisfaction, because within days of the 1.0 release being announced, Lancelot packages started to appear in many major distributions.”

Read “Lancelot reaches Holy Grail of KDE menu.”

openSUSE 11.0 Survey Results

by @ 1:15 pm. Filed under SUSE News

openSUSE Linux 11.0

From my good buddy Michael Loeffler, on OpenSuse news:

The openSUSE survey results are out now. The survey we made in July/August time frame attracted over 12,000 participants. Here is a short summary on changes compared to the last one we did approximately 1 1/2 year ago with the openSUSE 10.2 release. The summary is in the same order as the questions are.

  • meanwhile over 90% of our users have broadband access and 3/4 of them have a flat rate. Percentage of people having slow or no internet connection is below 5%. Anyway we should find a way getting our distro physically to emerging countries as we fear they didn?t even take part at the survey due to internet issues :-(
  • usage of an OS called Windows dropped from 31% to 21% which either tells us people do the full step to Linux or we may lose newbies?
  • Vista is not there yet, XP usage is approx. 3 times larger then Vista usage
  • KDE4 is already adopted by kind of 40% out of all KDE users, this is quite impressive to us as we?re mainly talking about KDE 4.0 which isn?t that mature as KDE 4.1 is today (yes, we know KDE 4.1 still needs some work to be perfect ;-))
  • involvement in openSUSE has risen strongly, from 15% to 25% and that?s all over the place – be it openSUSE Build Service, bug reporting, openSUSE Forums or others.
  • We?ve seen happily that the main reasons for not being involved in the openSUSE project was no time or familiy. But some people mentioned they don?t know how or it?s not clear where to start. We definitely need to address the latter one.
  • openSUSE and the first experience with Linux is down from 11% to 6%, that either tells us users from other Linux distros are joining or we?re losing people new to Linux
  • rating for ?Ease of installation? climbed up strongly, obviously the streamlined installation workflow was the right thing to do.
  • On the question what should be changed for future versions the wish for more software packages declined. So it looks like the openSUSE Build Service and the 1-click installation helps many users to get additional software from.
  • The things above are for us the most eye catching results. In general the results are pretty similar to the last survey. For comparison you find the old survey on the UX page. As you see those results – at least some times – open room for interpretation in one or the other direction. For feedback please use the opensuse-project mailing list.

    We want to thank all people participated at the survey and some of them will receive soon an openSUSE t-shirt or cap.

    Linux Growing Faster Than Ever

    by @ 9:07 am. Filed under General Linux, Linux migrations, Linux News

    Linux is continuing to grow with much momentum. One of the reasons that this is the case is because non-technical users who don’t want to learn Linux can use it without having to learn it. In other words, Linux has become much more intuitive and user-friendly. Especially distributions like Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. Plus, it’s just better than everything else. *wink*


    “47% of respondents said they would use or evaluate Linux in the coming year, with lower cost as the primary driver. But the largest percentage said they had no further plans to migrate from Unix to Linux, indicating that future Linux growth would be at the expense of other platforms. In response to a different question, 23% said that whenever possible they would migrate from Windows to Linux, and another 16% said that to avoid a Windows upgrade, they would migrate to Linux. Also expanding Linux use in the data center is a sharp projected upswing in use for its built-in virtualization. Although Red Hat and SUSE Xen-based virtualization tally only about 2.5% apiece of deployments currently, respondents’ projections for the technology climb steeply to 10% for Red Hat and 5% for SUSE over the next year.”

    Take a look at “Is Linux growing at Windows’ or Unix’s expense?.”

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