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October 8, 2008

Linux – Mastering Movie-making

by @ 7:25 am. Filed under sweet tools

School is quite a bit funner than I remember. 😐

However, I am taking an interesting class dealing with storyboarding for movies. We have to do these things called “animatics.” You all know what a movie storyboard is, right? If not, google “movie storyboards” and read up. The boiled down version is that it is a scene-by-scene (generally using stills) depiction of the sequences of a movie. Could be a short movie. Could be a scene.

Well, an animatic is where you take these storyboarding pictures and make a glorified slide show with them. You are able to put in sound effects, filler music, placeholder dialogue, and other assets to make the storyboard much more like the movie will actually be.

So our professor gave us a few exercises. He gave us a series of drawings, a basic plot, and told us to make an animatic out of them.

What tool did I turn to? When all was said and done, it was Cinelerra, the non-linear video editor for Linux:

Cinelerra for Linux
Click for larger image

Just to refresh, these are not movies, but more like an indicator of where people will be standing, what kind of shots will be used, what kind of lighting there might be, etc.

With that, if you’d like to take a look at what I finally turned in for these three projects created with Cinelerra, here you are:

Project 2 - Made in Linux with Cinelerra
2.8 Mb – Ogg Theora format – right-click, save as…

Project 3 - Made in Linux with Cinelerra
7.2 Mb – Ogg Theora format – right-click, save as…

Project 1 - Made in Linux with Cinelerra
3.9 Mb – Ogg Theora format – right-click, save as…

Spielberg I am not. Lucas I am not. But at least I got credit for doing the exercises.

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