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July 14, 2009

Securing Linux – A Crash Course in iptables

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Once in awhile, it’s nice to block hostile machines on the kernel level. Specifically, this is done with iptables or ipchains. Iptables if you are living in this millenium.

If a specific host is known to be hostile, execute the ‘whois’ command on the ip address. This will give you the IP range of the organization assigned the ip block to which the offending ip belongs. If it is outside of the country and you only service clients inside your country, it doesn’t hurt to block the whole ip range. So, we’re going to block a hostile block from China. As root, run the following command:

iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP

Why not REJECT instead of drop? This adds a rule to the firewall that simply drops the packets. This is more annoying to the other end because they never get a response. If you explicitly reject the packets, they get a message to the effect instantaneously. You want them to have to wait. It slows them down, which is bad for them.

To list the rules in the INPUT chain:

iptables –line-numbers -L INPUT

To delete a rule from the INPUT chain:

iptables -D INPUT [line number]

ex. iptables -D INPUT 1

Would delete the first rule in the INPUT chain.

Cool subnet calculator at :

Helpful comments with more useful or better commands welcome.

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