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July 30, 2009

Linux appliances made easy with SUSE Studio

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Linux appliances made easy with SUSE

¡Por fin! It’s about time they did something like this with OpenSUSE Linux. Uses for this are infinite. What a fantastically cool concept.

From the site, “Novell has launched a new service called SUSE Studio that makes it easy to build software appliances. Ars gives it a spin and find it’s an excellent tool for building virtual appliances.”

Now honestly, who couldn’t use that?

Check this out: “Novell has launched a new Web service called SUSE Studio that simplifies the process of building Linux-based software appliances. It provides a convenient interface for creating custom versions of Novell’s SUSE Linux distribution with specialized configurations. The service is part of Novell’s broader SUSE Appliance Program initiative.”

“Enterprise software deployment comes with a lot of serious technical challenges. Getting a complex piece of server software up and running on backend infrastructure often requires system administrators to wrestle with dependencies and configuration issues. Software appliances are increasingly viewed as a compelling solution to this problem.”

“A software appliance is a preconfigured stack that includes a software program and its dependencies bundled with a minimal operating system image that can get the program up and running with the smallest possible resource footprint. This concept is often referred to as “Just Enough Operating System” (JeOS).”

“SUSE Studio allows users to build software appliances on top of SUSE Enterprise Linux or OpenSUSE. It offers several templates that can be used as a starting point, including a minimal JeOS template, a server template, a minimal X11, KDE, and GNOME templates. After selecting a base template, users can customize it and add additional software.”

The versatility of Linux never ceases to blow my mind. I mean, to each their own, but if you are looking for the X-11 of consumer-level operating systems, Linux stands up to the test, tell you what (tell your mom, too).

Enough of my yammering about this new OpenSUSE project. Take a look at the screen shots and full story:

Linux appliances made easy with SUSE

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