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November 19, 2009

ChromeOS Concept Video

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Looks nice!!

Linux Wallpaper: This One’s Nice!

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openSUSE Blog Linux Wallpapers

Linux wallpapers can totally change how your machine feels. I saw this one and thought it was rather well-done. Greets and congrats to the person who did it. If you know who did this, tell them thanks for me.

openSUSE Blog Linux Wallpapers


If you’d like to see more really nice Linux Wallpapers, take a look at my Wallpaper gallery. I honestly don’t know who makes such great artwork, I just know that I never could. The best thing I can do for these excellent artists is to promote their great wallpapers. Throw an eyeball at the gallery and see what you think.

SCO finally dies

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Coming in from ZDNet, music to my ears… Daryl McBride is canned from SCO. No more President/CEO for SCO. Apparently, some one must have finally taken the red pill.


“Remember SCO?

Back when I started writing about open source and Linux, in 2005, you couldn’t swing a cat without catching someone with an opinion about SCO.

SCO claimed Linux was infringing its patentscopyright. SCO claimed it owned Linux. SCO sued IBM.

CORRECTION: Microsoft claims patent rights on Linux code. The SCO case was about copyright.

Once SCO built a railroad of lawsuits, made it race against time. Now it’s done.

As quietly as possible last week, through a required SEC filing, SCO quietly canned CEO Darl McBride, the architect of its audacious ‘better luck through lawsuits’ business plan.

They didn’t just ease the man out. They eliminated the positions of CEO and president, which McBride held. The top name on the org chart is now COO Jeff Hunsaker (above), whose background includes stints at WordPerfect, Novell and Corel (so he knows from failure).

Anyone have a few words they want to say over the body?”

OK, it wasn’t an excerpt. It was the whole thing. You can’t prune news as beautiful as this.


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