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January 24, 2008

Another Success Story : Federal Employment Office switches to Linux

by @ 8:55 am. Filed under Linux migrations, Linux News

More and more Linux migration stories are popping up each day. More governmental agencies throughout the world are picking up on the enabling and empowering experience of using Linux on their computers. This time, a German governmental agency, the Federal Employment Office, has made the switch to OpenSUSE 10.1. Their explanation as to why the switch is consistent with the many who have gone that way before:

“The BA explained that the migration was necessary because, ‘The previous combination of Windows NT and Internet Explorer could no longer keep pace with technological developments in how current media content is displayed and was not up to the demands of modern hardware.’ In making the switch, the decision for Linux was based on cost and security considerations. On the one hand, implementing Linux carried no licencing costs, on the other hand migrating the clients enabled standardised automation and maintenance procedures, since the BA servers also run Linux. Another plus are the flexible configuration possibilities with Linux.”

Read the entire article.

One Response to “Another Success Story : Federal Employment Office switches to Linux”

  1. Christopher Says:

    More companies switching to Linux is great, but who is still using NT these days?

    ANYTHING is a welcome reprieve from that.

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