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March 24, 2006

Automate Insertion of YAST Installation Sources

by @ 3:53 pm. Filed under SUSE Tips & Tricks

Topic of the day: YAST Installation Sources

I like to automate tedious tasks. Probably more than anyone I know. This includes entering Installation Sources into YAST. Thus, I have created a small script that will do this for me. That way, I don’t have to put them in by hand every single time.

I do need to tell you something about the script. I’m putting said information before the link in hopes that it’ll get read. It is as follows: As the script runs, it tells you whether the Install Source was inserted successfully or not. Some of the sources will return with the following error: ERROR(Media:operation is not supported by media). However, apparently, they still work just fine. You can go into YAST, and the ones that gave that error are in the list. You can even refresh them, etc.

Oh, that reminds me. You will need to go in and manually enable REFRESH on each of your Install Sources. Instructions on how to do this will be displayed as the script finishes.

Also, you will need to run this as root or superuser (su). It will not even find the command otherwise.

Before I forget, I had better put a link to the script (by the way, it has been tested with SUSE 10.0 only). Enjoy.

Take note that I have a version for 64-bit machines here.

If you have an improvement for the script, post a comment in regards to this blog entry. Include your email address.

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8 Responses to “Automate Insertion of YAST Installation Sources”

  1. Mike Says:

    first off….love the blog its been very helpful for me as a newbie linux guy….

    When I try to use this script or try to manually add a source to yast…i get the following error:

    Installing EXTRA Installation Source… line 66: installation_sources: command not found

    i am running sled 10 and i cant find the installation_sources command….
    What am I missing?


  2. scottmmorris Says:

    Hey, thanks!

    The only thing I can really suggest is that you make sure you are running it as root. Just type ‘su’ at a commandline, hit ENTER, and enter your root password. I’m sure you’re already doing that, though.

    I have really only tested the script with SUSE Linux 10.0. I haven’t tested it with SLED 10. I’d have to take a look at how SLED 10 does its command-line YAST stuff. For now, unfortunately, all I can say is that I only know that it works with SUSE Linux 10.0.

    If you do find out anything more about a command to manage install sources from the commandline, please do let me know.

    Also, I’ll take a look and post here if I find out anything else.

  3. scottmmorris Says:

    Hmmm…. looks like you’re absolutely right. I got SLED 10, installed it, and checked for the ‘installation_sources’ command. Not there at all. I’m having some people check on this, though, to see if there is anything else that runs on the commandline that is similar in functionality.

  4. 17th Degree » Blog Archive » Automate Insertion of YAST Installation Sources Says:

    […] This is a handle automation script for adding installation sources: Automate Insertion of YAST Installation Sources. I don’t know why this stuff isn’t in the default installation. C’est la vie. […]

  5. rmcc316 Says:

    thanks for the script!

  6. bobby Says:

    Great Script. Saves alot of time…. Thank you.

  7. brightc Says:

    missing installation_sources script
    use y2pmsh instead.
    y2pmsh source -a

  8. Matt Clegg Says:

    In > 10.2 you need to use ‘zypper’ instead of ‘installation_sources’ like;
    zypper sa

    presumably same in SLED

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