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March 18, 2010

Google and Linux are coming to your TV

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Google is coming to your TV sometime soon and it’s going to be using Linux to get there.

“In what may have been Google’s worst kept secret in years, Google, along with its partners, Intel, Logitech and Sony, is on its way to delivering the Web to your television. What will they be using to do this? Why, they’ll be using Google’s Android Linux, of course.

Android is an embedded Linux that Google has already been deploying in phones like its own Nexus One and Motorola’s Devour and Droid. But Android has always been more than just a smartphone operating system; it’s also been used in netbooks and other devices. So taking it to a TV set-top box was an easy move for Google and its hardware friends.

In fact, Linux has long been a part of the TV set-top box scene. TiVo, one of the first and some would argue still the best DVR (digital video recorder) uses Linux. Many other DVRs and TV set-top boxes use it as well.

With Google TV, Google will likely be supplying Android as well as Web content from both outside video sources and its own, such as YouTube. Here, we don’t know what’s Google is up to, but I would be a very happy guy if they’d let me get to Hulu, Netflix, and Revision 3 on my television. “

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Original News Source:Google and Partners Seek TV Foothold

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