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December 12, 2008

OpenSUSE Linux 11.1 Blowout Party Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

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OpenSUSE 11.1 Linux Release Party

Woot, OpenSUSE 11.1 is almost here!

Days until release of OpenSUSE Linux 11.1

For all the Utah folks, or anyone who will be in Utah, or anyone who can get to Utah on or ab out December 18, you are cordially and enthusiastically invited to the OpenSUSE 11.1 release party that will be hosted at the Open Source Technology Center on the Novell campus.


December 18, 2008 @ 18:00
1800 South Novell Place, Provo, UT
Building A (Open Source Technology Center)
Looking for a sponsor for pizza. Please RSVP (just in case) –

For people seeking directions, I’ll just grab them and the map from our OpenSUSE 11.0 Release Party this past June:

Novell Campus Map for OpenSUSE 11.1 Release Party

Click image for larger version

Image legend:
1. North-bounders coming in on I-15 take this exit (exit number 263, I believe).
2. South-bounders coming in on I-15 take this exit (exit number 263).
3. This is building A where the Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) is.

For those using Google Maps or Google Earth, see the address above.

Everyone come. :)

November 13, 2008

Transition to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server now easy for users of RHEL and CentOS

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

For awhile now, I’ve thought that Novell should offer a way for people to migrate to their enterprise products. Well, according to their press release, “Novell Announces New Program to Aid Transition to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server,” apparently, they’ve caught the vision. It’s nice to see that they’re actually maneuvering and strategizing. For a long time, it seemed like they were just kind of slowly dying off. But with their actions of recent years, such as buying SuSE, their partnership with Microsoft (not that I approve of this, of course), and now their latest move, it seems that they’re serious about business. From the press release:

“The new program is in response to growing customer demand for help as they make the strategic decision to transition their data center Linux infrastructure from existing third-party distributions, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS, to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Many times, customers who want to move between platforms are constrained by factors such as IT resource limitations, application migration scheduling and training costs, which means they need time to make an orderly transition. In response to these challenges, Novell is providing technical support for a customer’s existing Linux environment and is also delivering training and tools to ensure the transition to the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform is smooth and successful.”

That seems like a strong move on their part, and shows their dedication to helping potential customers.

June 11, 2008

OpenSUSE 11.0 Release Party

by @ 11:48 am. Filed under novell, SUSE releases

Well, you know it’s a great day when we’re planning an OpenSUSE 11.0 Release Party. Yeah, that’s going to be pretty exciting.

If you are anywhere close to Provo, Utah on June 19, 2008, we’d love to see you at the Open Source Technology Center (building A). It will be at 6:00 PM. If you have friends who are interested in checking out which Linux they should use, have them come by.

According to The Official OpenSUSE 11.0 Release Party Locations page, pizza will be provided. So RSVP to Stephen Shaw, at the email address listed on the party locations page.

Stephen, I’m going to be there, man.

For people seeking directions, I’ll just grab them and the map from our OpenSUSE 10.3 Release Party last October:

Novell Campus Map

Click image for larger version

Image legend:
1. North-bounders coming in on I-15 take this exit (exit number 263, I believe).
2. South-bounders coming in on I-15 take this exit (exit number 263).
3. This is building A where the Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) is.

For those using Google Maps or Google Earth, the address is:

1800 Novell Pl
Provo, UT 84606

Everyone come. 🙂

October 3, 2007

OpenSUSE 10.3 Release Party at the OSTC at Novell

by @ 10:35 am. Filed under General SUSE, Linux News, novell, SUSE News, SUSE releases


We are having an OpenSUSE 10.3 RELEASE PARTY on the Novell campus. It will be in the Open Source Technology Center (building A) on Thursday at 6:00 PM. Alrighty, you have been tasked with spreading the word and bringing all your i-would-use-linux-but-i-only-know-windows-and-dont-know-how-to-learn-linux-unless-you-teach-me friends! We will have install servers available, and you may even get an earful of what’s new in OpenSUSE 10.3 from yours truly.

UPDATE: According to my sources, “Novell is going to cover pizza and soda.”

Novell Campus Map

Click image for larger version

Image legend:
1. North-bounders coming in on I-15 take this exit (exit number 263, I believe).
2. South-bounders coming in on I-15 take this exit (exit number 263).
3. This is building A where the Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) is.

For those using Google Maps or Google Earth, the address is:

1800 Novell Pl
Provo, UT 84606

Everyone come. 🙂

September 15, 2007

SCO Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

by @ 10:11 am. Filed under General Linux, Linux News, My Opinion, novell

SCO has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. I really hope that this is the early stages of decomposition for this company. Yes, there will likely be parties all over the world in celebration of this event. My guess, based on the history of this trainwreck involving SCO, is that Daryl McBride won’t give it up until the power to continue is removed from him. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the SCO Group to reorganize their company and have their assets protected. Did you see all of their creditors? Here:

* Amici LLC ($500,650.73),
* Boies Schiller (287,256.39),
* Canopy Group ($139,895.00),
* Gre Mountain Heights Property ($132,502.00),
* Microsoft Licensing, Inc. ($125,575.00),
* Sun Microsystems, Inc. ($50,000.00),
* Veritas Software ($37,881.33),
* Intel ($23,302.11),
* Fujitsu Services ($25,302.11),
* HP-Nonstop Royalty Accounting ($25,302.11…hmm. exactly the same amount for three entities),
* Unisys ($25,302.11 – a fourth),
* KSJ Consulting ($21,781.25),
* 4Front Technologies ($10,417.50),
* Silverman Heller Associates ($10,352.35),
* Madson & Austin ($8,478.32),
* Randd Strategic ($7,026.79),
* Sage Forensic Accounting ($6,221.00),
* Profile Consulting ($5,450.00),
* Sun Microsystems Inc. Software Royalty Accounting Group ($5,414.40) and
* AmLaw Discovery ($5,399.57).

Who’s not on there? *NOVELL*! Well, I guess the final amount owed to Novell by SCO has not been officially determined, but my guess it will eclipse any other amount found on this list of creditors.

Whatever happens, I cannot possibly see how this will turn out well for SCO. This then makes it apparent that this is a fight based off principles. They are doing it for the principle of the thing, not because they are actually going to win. Seriously Daryl, give it up, bro.

SCO Bankruptcy
SCO Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Slashdot
SCO Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Updated <= Lots of great info The SCO Group Files Chapter 11 to Protect Assets as It Addresses Potential Financial and Legal Challenges

June 4, 2007

Fedora 7 Release Party at Novell Open Source Technology Center

by @ 7:19 pm. Filed under General Linux, Linux News, novell

I wanted to take a sec and mention the outcome of the Fedora 7 release party at the Open Source Technology Center last Thursday night.

I was fortunate enough to have several minutes to meet several people who I hadn’t previously. Clint Savage spent quite a bit of time with me trying to get my laptop to boot Fedora 7. Unfortunately, we were never successful (thanks, though, Clint). Christer Edwards was also there. We conversed quite a bit about the differences between Ubuntu and openSUSE. Friendly enough fellow, for sure. Gabriel Gunderson and Stuart Jansen were there. I spent quite a while talking with Stuart, as well. All were great folks to meet. All in all, we talked a ton, ate pizza, and had a great time, though I’m not entirely sure that many were able to get Fedora 7 installed and working. But hey, I had a great time. Thanks for everyone who put it on. Thanks Steve for coming with me. Hope you liked it Rich.

I shamelessly stole these pictures of me from the gallery of the li’l shindig (click for larger images):

Scott and Steve

Scott stands waiting for a shirt

Scott watches Clint's Demo

Scott waves to the camera

Steve attempts yet again to get Gentoo working

Anyway, it was a great time. Thanks again, Clint, for the pizza.

FNB switches 12 000 desktops to Linux

by @ 6:52 pm. Filed under General Linux, Linux migrations, Linux News, novell

Here is another one! It is encouraging, yet not surprising to see how many Linux migrations are taking place recently. I do struggle to keep up with them all; try though I may, it is nearly impossible. This time, we have another coming from a South African bank. First National Bank of South Africa has announced a partnership with Novell to switch 12,000 desktops over to Linux.

“Following recent reports of a South African bank eyeing out Linux, Novell South Africa today issued a statement in which it said it had reached an agreement with First National Bank of South Africa to standardise the bank’s 12 000 desktops in its 680 retail branches on Novell’s Linux product.”

“With 12 000 desktops switching to Linux this is very likely the most significant Linux and open source implementation in South Africa to date.”

“Stafford Masie, managing director of Novell SA, said that ‘Novell’s ability to offer a complete ecosystem to take care of the customer long after the installation of software and establish a trusted relationship was key for FNB. Deployments like this one continue to demonstrate the value and readiness of desktop Linux solutions from Novell for enterprise customers.'”

Read the entire article here.

May 31, 2007

Fedora 7 release party at the Open Source Technolgy Center @ Novell

by @ 12:03 am. Filed under events, General Linux, novell


Because of the release of Fedora 7 this Thursday, May 31, I thought it would be great to take this
opportunity to bond the community a little bit more by having a release party for Fedora 7.

The party will be from 7-9pm at the Open Source Technology Center at Novell (Building A, see map)
and we’ll have free food (pizza) and drinks provided for all that join us. In addition, there’ll be
a network install server and several DVDs available (also available in a full fledged ISO too).

So what’dya say? It’ll be a real blast! Come see the first version of Fedora with Live CDs and
easily customizable ‘create-your-own’ CDs. Come and see the improvements to yum, the new KVM, the
new look and feel, and many other cool surprises.

There will be a couple machines running Fedora 7. Hopefully, we’ll also have Beryl and AIGLX
running for your excitement as well.

If you are interested in doing more than just partying, bring your PC/Laptop down with you and we’ll
provide you with both CDs and a network installation server available.

OK, so that is the information that I have for this event. I will be there, and I will wear my suseblog shirt. If you see me, please do not throw your projectiles too hard. I bruise easily.

November 21, 2006

Observations on MS/Novell

by @ 1:28 pm. Filed under General SUSE, My Opinion, novell, SUSE News

Grozdan wrote in with a great point of view, as follows:

In reply to your blog on planetSUSE, I send you my own point of view. This is actually take from my own blog ( where I wrote how I see this is going to play out in the near future. Keep in mind that this is just my personal point of view and I might be wrong (I really hope so)… OK, here it is….

The MS/Novell deal caused a pretty big disturbance in the FOSS community. I know that this has been covered many times on a lot of web sites but I just wanted to give my personal point of view and I’ll make it as short as possible 🙂

MS saw for the past 5 years or so that it’s losing market share to Linux in the enterprise market and it will continue to lose. Now that they have a deal with one of the major companies that are involved in Enterprise Linux, they can use it to split the FOSS community in two. On one side you’ll have the commercial FOSS developers who will be “protected” by this agreement between Novell & MS. On the other side you’ll have the non-commercial guy who is contributing to the FOSS community but is not “protected” by MS in any way.

That is what MS is looking for. Once they split the FOSS community in two, which they are trying to do that right now using their contract with Novell to spread FUD that they can sue you if you don’t use SUSE products, it will be much easier for them to control the commercial side of Linux trough Novell’s SLES/SLED products. When they accomplish this, they can stab Novell in the back by breaking the contract thus making it very easy to enforce their patents if Novell decides to insert some MS code into their products during the contracts period.

I just fail to see how this deal could be good for Novell or the FOSS community in general.

I can accept this point of view. Microsoft is very seldom in something for the fuzzy-bunnies and glittering princess fairies. They are starving carnivores, and they smell blood. They should adopt the title of “The American Dismemberment Association”, or TADA! I am not all that sure that this was that great of an idea myself, but as another reader Michael pointed out, “Right now I’m in a wait and see mode.” He says, “I just can’t throw it away because Novell may have screwed up.” I dig ya’, man. I think I’ll at least keep with the open source distro. SLED and SLES 10 are quite solid products as well.

One of my big concerns is that there will be a significant decline in the open source community of people who are using SUSE. I realize that in the enterprise or corporate sector there will likely be a significant increase in market share. However, then it becomes a sell-out distro used only by people who don’t care about it. I’m not all that excited to use a distro in such a situation.

Nevertheless, if it does come to that, I’ll likely jump ship at that time. Until then, I’ll probably just stay with SUSE.

Michael also pointed me to his blog which references a great article by my boy Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols.

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