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November 19, 2009

Linux Wallpaper: This One’s Nice!

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openSUSE Blog Linux Wallpapers

Linux wallpapers can totally change how your machine feels. I saw this one and thought it was rather well-done. Greets and congrats to the person who did it. If you know who did this, tell them thanks for me.

openSUSE Blog Linux Wallpapers


If you’d like to see more really nice Linux Wallpapers, take a look at my Wallpaper gallery. I honestly don’t know who makes such great artwork, I just know that I never could. The best thing I can do for these excellent artists is to promote their great wallpapers. Throw an eyeball at the gallery and see what you think.

October 30, 2009

Linux/Unix Wallpaper of the Week

by @ 1:56 am. Filed under wallpapers

We Linux users are quite the easy-going laid-back bunch. We rarely get religious about our operating systems, and in no way wear them as a part of our very identity. We love everything, and get along with everyone. We are a peaceful bunch. I think this is beautifully articulated in the wallpaper of the week:

Unix People are Happy
Click for slightly larger version.

Throw a quick eyeball at the SuSEBlog Linux Wallpaper gallery.

Should you have a favorite Linux wallpaper that is not featured in the gallery, please shoot me a link to it. I am happy to include wallpapers from all distributions. Heck, I even wore a Fedora 11 T-Shirt to work the other day because the guys at the 2009 UTOS booth were so cool and gave me one. Besides that, Clint Savage (more info, more info, more info, more info, more info, more info) is one totally hardcore Fedora ambassador, and he’s really cool. Wearing the Fedora shirt with pride was my props to him and the Fedora representation at UTOS.

I would have worn an OpenSUSE T-Shirt, but I was unable to acquire said shirt from my brethren at the OpenSUSE booth. Decriptor, bro… what do you say about hookin’ a brother up?

De todos modos…

Have a fabulous weekend, and remember, chill out and take ‘er easy. Like the wallpaper says.

Happy Halloween and all that. Go scare the living daylights out of someone and come back and tell me your story.

October 25, 2009

OpenSUSE Linux Wallpaper of the Day

by @ 11:58 pm. Filed under wallpapers

SUSE Linux Wallpapers

For everyone who is an OpenSUSE Linux fan, here’s a new wallpaper just for you:

Linux Wallpaper
Click image for bigger version.

Take a look at the rest of the Linux wallpaper gallery.

August 6, 2009

Linux is a threat – M$

by @ 3:37 am. Filed under General Linux, Linux News, M$ Exposed, wallpapers, War


You know Microsoft would only say something like this if there was absolutely no other alternative. They are marketing experts, not software experts. And apparently, the software experts that contribute to Linux have created an OS superior enough that, with little to no marketing/advertising, it enjoys a quickly-expanding install base.


“While Linux on servers is a well-established market among business customers, Linux as a viable alternative to Windows on PCs has never taken off. However, the emergence of the netbook as a low-cost, smaller form factor to the traditional notebook PC has certainly changed that, so much so that Microsoft lately has been pushing a lightweight notebook as an alternative to netbooks, Helm said.”

Read Microsoft acknowledges Linux threat

Celebratory wallpaper:

Linux threat

Click for full-sized wallpaper.

February 13, 2009

Best Linux Wallpaper of the Day

by @ 4:37 pm. Filed under wallpapers

OpenSUSE Linux Rants

Linux wallpapers can sure be funny. Props to whoever made this (if you know, please let me know). Here’s one that everyone should have the chance to see:

Linux Wallpaper

A small (but growing!) handful of additional Linux wallpapers can be found in the Linux wallpaper collection

If you know of any other excellent Linux wallpapers, please drop me a line. Have a good one, all.

December 17, 2008

Linux Wallpaper Gallery – Featuring…..

by @ 7:05 am. Filed under wallpapers

OpenSUSE Linux Rants

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a really cool gallery of Linux wallpapers? Well, TBH, it IS pretty cool, because that’s the newest addition to OpenSUSE Linux Rants. We now have our own Linux Wallpaper Gallery.

The featured wallpaper for the day is:

Linux Wallpaper
Click for larger image.

No idea who made it, but it’s a really slick piece of artwork. Resize as necessary.

January 18, 2008

Dr. Evil – user of Linux (wallpaper)

by @ 11:47 am. Filed under humor, wallpapers

Here’s another Linux wallpaper I found rather entertaining:


January 14, 2008

World-class Linux desktop wallpapers, part two

by @ 6:50 am. Filed under freebies, General Linux, humor, wallpapers

As promised, installment deux of the world-wide number one award-winning Linux desktop wallpaper series. This time, revealing the secret acronym used to name the current M$ operating system. Click for the 1600×1200 version. Resize to fit as necessary. Go Linux.

Windows Sucks

January 9, 2008

The Linux desktop wallpaper that no power user should be without

by @ 6:44 am. Filed under freebies, General Linux, humor, wallpapers

This is the perfect desktop wallpaper for hardcore users of either Linux or Windows. Linux guys can use it to openly declare the truth. Display it on your desktop, or put it on the department hard-core M$ fan’s desktop. Either way, it’s the perfect conversation piece. Click for the 1600×1200 version. Resize to fit as necessary. Go Linux.

Windows Sucks

As this is for XP, stay tuned for the ‘Vista’ edition.

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