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September 8, 2009

M$ Downright Lies about Linux to Best Buy Employees

by @ 12:58 pm. Filed under M$ Exposed, War

It seems that M$ still doesn’t get it. At least that’s quite obvious when one considers the “training” that they have been providing to Best Buy employees. For example, take a look at this screenshot of the training (click for bigger graphic):

Linux Ignorance

The original poster of this info couldn’t have said it better:

“No iPod support? Really? And the Zune doesn’t work on the Mac either although there has been some progress from the Linux community. And I’ve never had any problems pulling pictures from cameras.

I’ve yet to see a printer that doesn’t have a driver. You might have to download it from the products website though (gasp!).

Yeah yeah. Software. Although WINE has been vastly improving lately (we even got around that stupid Secu-ROM).

There are free alternatives to all of the Windows Live “essentials”.

WOW. Of all the games to mention, they mention World of Warcraft. I wrote a tutorial on how to get WoW running on Linux not to long ago. Its probably the easiest game to set up with in WINE.

Authorized support? Well you have Red Hat and Canonical, oh I guess you can count Novell

Video chat with Pidgin? Or Skype?

Of course, not to mention the endless lists of Linux equivalents to Win software.

Take a look at the original exposé here:

Microsoft attack Linux at the retail level

See also:

microsoft (mis)educates best buy employees about linux

Microsoft’s training materials teach Best Buy employees how to trash Linux

August 6, 2009

Linux is a threat – M$

by @ 3:37 am. Filed under General Linux, Linux News, M$ Exposed, wallpapers, War


You know Microsoft would only say something like this if there was absolutely no other alternative. They are marketing experts, not software experts. And apparently, the software experts that contribute to Linux have created an OS superior enough that, with little to no marketing/advertising, it enjoys a quickly-expanding install base.


“While Linux on servers is a well-established market among business customers, Linux as a viable alternative to Windows on PCs has never taken off. However, the emergence of the netbook as a low-cost, smaller form factor to the traditional notebook PC has certainly changed that, so much so that Microsoft lately has been pushing a lightweight notebook as an alternative to netbooks, Helm said.”

Read Microsoft acknowledges Linux threat

Celebratory wallpaper:

Linux threat

Click for full-sized wallpaper.

July 10, 2009

“Sucks to be a Windows User.”

by @ 10:10 am. Filed under education, humor, War

This came in my email…. 🙂

Sucks to be a Windows user.

IT: Korean DDoS Bots To Self-Destruct on Thursday July 09, @11:41PM
Posted by timothy on Thursday July 09, @11:41PM
from the someone-needs-a-little-hanging-before-bed dept. security tsu doh nimh writes “Several news sources are reporting that the tens of thousands of Microsoft Windows systems infected with the Mydoom worm and being used in an ongoing denial of service attack against US and S. Korean government Web sites will likely have their hard drives wiped of data come Friday. From The Washington Post’s Security Fix blog, the malware is ‘designed to download a payload from a set of Web servers. Included in that payload is a Trojan horse program that overwrites the data on the hard drive with a message that reads “memory of the independence day,” followed by as many “u” characters as it takes to write over every sector of every physical drive attached to the compromised system.’ ChannelNews Asia carries similar information.”

Right you are, my good man.

February 17, 2009

Microsoft: ISVs are pawns – but don’t tell them!

by @ 1:59 pm. Filed under M$ Exposed, War

More reasons to use Linux

See, now people always tell me that I am a conspiracy theorist against Microsoft. Alrighty, well, here’s yet another chance for you to see that I am more of a realist than you think.

When you see this, it will give you the willies, and I’d be surprised if you didn’t switch to Linux in a heartbeat.


Microsoft:”First, the role of ISVs. ISVs- independent software vendors-are pawns in the struggle between platform vendors. They’re essential. So you can’t win without them, and you have to take good care of them. You can’t let them feel like they’re pawns in the struggle. You’re going out with a girl, what you really want to do is have a deep, close and intimate relationship, at least for one night. And, you know, you just can’t let her feel like that, because if you do, it ain’t going to happen, right. So you have to talk long term and white picket fence and all these other wonderful things, or else you’re never going to get what you’re really looking for. So you can’t let them feel like pawns, no matter how much they really are.”

Read “66 Pages of Microsoft Evilness

September 9, 2008

London Stock Exchange runs Windows, Crashes (considers Linux?)

by @ 1:43 pm. Filed under General Linux, War

The London Stock Exchange completely crashed running Windows 2003 servers, MSSQL Server 2000, and custom .NET applications written by Microsoft and Accenture. The systems were down for nearly 7 hours. Yet another reason not to use M$ software in mission-critical situations, especially those that affect the economy of a country. I’m guessing they’ll start looking at something more stable, like Linux.


“It should have been a great day on the London Stock Exchange. The U.S. government had announced on the Sunday before that it was coming to the rescue of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Trading would have been extremely brisk, but then, at 9:15 AM GMT, the Exchange’s software failed due to “connectivity issues.” Six-hours and 45-minutes later, the London Exchange, along with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, which uses the LSE’s trading platform TradElec, were finally back up.”

Read more about why the London Stock Exchange should switch to Linux

August 18, 2008

Linux Promoted by Olympic BSOD (pics)

by @ 9:46 am. Filed under humor, War

The BSOD strikes again, this time at the Olympic torch lighting ceremony:

BSOD at Olympic torch lighting ceremony

BSOD at Olympic torch lighting ceremony

BSOD at Olympic torch lighting ceremony

What’s funny is that China is assembling their own distribution of Linux…


“Well, this is just perfect. At the exact moment Li Ning was rounding the lip of the Bird’s Nest during the amazing torch-lighting climax, someone snapped this photo of our good friend the BSOD nestled among the Nest’s steel twigs.”

Read the entire article here

July 8, 2008

Linux T-Shirt of the Year

by @ 1:23 pm. Filed under General Linux, humor, War

People seemed to have a good time with my last Linux T-shirt post, so here’s another one for you. I really like this one:

Linux T-Shirt

Click for a slightly larger version.

So again, where can I get one of these?

June 17, 2008

OpenSUSE Linux 11.0: Your XP End of Life Solution

by @ 11:31 am. Filed under General Linux, Linux migrations, War

When I did the Novell Request an App Survey (follow-ups: article 1, article 2, article 3), a few things were brought into focus. Using the idea of supply and demand, you can assume that software development targets platforms based off the demand principle. If there’s a demand, the supply will rise to fill it. If there’s no demand, the supply will dwindle. Basic economics.

Take, then, this thought: Vista’s big problem: 92 percent of developers ignoring it. Well, when Microsoft admits Vista (is a) failure, you know it has to be bad. The kicker? More developers are writing software for Linux than for Vista.

What does M$ do? They use their tried-and-true iron-fisted dictatorship tactics and force the issue. How are they doing it this time? Killing off their most popular operating system to date to force people to upgrade to Vista. OMG, STFU, WTFH? Hold the phone. You are going to annihilate your most popular product to try and force people to buy your most unpopular product? OK, I haven’t been to the latest MS board meetings, but someone needs a conference call with their marketing department.

How about this, then…. Find a way to transition (where possible and appropriate) to Linux. Pick any of the most mature distributions with the tools that you need. For email-checking and web-surfing home XP users, this will be fairly painless. For businesses, the non-specialized end-user desktops should be easy to switch over. Especially with the release of OpenSUSE 11.0 imminent. Download it. Take a look. Try things out. Give it a few weeks. Then, when XP is officially dead, switch completely over.

Sure, many cases will be a little more complex than that. But if I gave my business to a corporation that snubbed me as hard as M$ does to their customers, you’d hear me breaking the sound barrier getting out of there:

Me Breaking the Sound Barrier getting away from MS

June 5, 2008

Excellent Billboard

by @ 6:58 am. Filed under humor, War

Must have taken this photo the day Vista came out…

Suddenly Everything Sucks

May 29, 2008

Linux sporting Beryl annihilates Windows Vista Aero (video)

by @ 12:02 pm. Filed under beryl, General Linux, War

The end of this video rules. 🙂

May 22, 2008

How do I get one of these shirts?

by @ 6:25 am. Filed under humor, War

I can’t remember where this came from, but I need to know who can help me find where to buy this bad boy. I’d probably even pay a finder’s fee, man. Seriously. So here it is:


Where do I get one of these?

May 19, 2008

How do you like your eggs, Mr. Ballmer?

by @ 11:52 am. Filed under War

I would have paid dearly to have seen this in person. Adam sent this my way (thanks, bro!). I can’t believe how awesome this is.

Apparently, the guy is saying, “Let Microsoft give back the 25 billion forints (160 forints = 1$) what he stole from the Hungarian taxpayers.” as he launches the eggs at Ballmer.

take a look at this great footage

April 29, 2008

M$ – Monumental Fail – Surely this isn’t true

by @ 12:28 pm. Filed under M$ Exposed, War

Can anyone verify that this unbelievable claim is, in fact, true?

April 16, 2008

Microsoft burns our eyes with Vista promo video

by @ 2:37 pm. Filed under M$ Exposed, War

OK, I am totally stealing this one, but I wanted to share it (thx Steve).

“It’s official, Microsoft knows no shame. We used to think that the Zune tattoo guy was bad for publicity, but now it’s clear that the video promo team needs zero outside help in dragging whatever shred of dignity this company has through the mud. Whoever thought up this Bruce Springsteen-defiling “Rockin’ Our Sales” piece of garbage to promote the launch of Vista SP1 should be fired instantly and sued for defamation. It’s just that good. Video is naturally after the break.”

You HAVE to see just how low they can go.

Masochists click here for punishment.

February 4, 2008

They’re Bluffing, Linus Taunts

by @ 4:53 pm. Filed under General Linux, War

Linus Torvalds believes that users of Linux have nothing to fear. M$ is bluffing. According to Linus:

“They have been sued for patents by other people, but I don’t think they’ve — not that I’ve gone through any huge amount of law cases — but I don’t think they’ve generally used patents as a weapon,” Torvalds said. “But they’re perfectly happy to use anything at all as fear, uncertainty and doubt in the marketplace, and patents is just one thing where they say, ‘Hey, isn’t this convenient? We can use this as a PR force.'”

Boy, one thing that I’ve always said, and it’s truer now than ever, is that M$ is a marketing company, not a software company. They understand people and how they respond and react to things. They will push the very bounds of what’s legal in order to intimidate and influence people. What’s funny is that your average person wants someone else to tell them what to do. Many people like to give away their power to choose. They don’t want the responsibility of thinking for themselves, and it’s too much effort anyway.

Anyway, it’s nice to see people starting to break out of that and turn their back on M$. Many governments are doing that around the world. By now you’ve likely heard that the French Police dumped Windows on 70,000 machines for Ubuntu Linux. I think that’s the biggest migration I’ve ever heard of.

Think outside the box. Learn something. Don’t be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. Go Linux.

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