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January 24, 2008

CRM company dumps M$, recommends fishing waders

by @ 5:01 pm. Filed under General Linux, Linux migrations, Linux News

I love the headline given by Tina Gasperson to a recent article of hers: “CRM company dumps Microsoft, remakes itself with LAMP.” That’s great. I might have said something like, “Etelos buries its foot further into Microsoft’s back end than expected, recommends chin-high fishing waders for other companies looking to do the same.”

Rather than trying to find a catchy quote from this article to pique your curiosity, I will just share a few of my favorite quotes, because frankly, it’s too hard to pick one best quote.

Danny Kolke, CTO and founder of Etelos said, “We quickly decided that because we wanted to distribute our product as a Web application, the Microsoft model was very expensive. To try and scale that infrastructure, with a per-CPU cost, and with the ASP pricing model, it would cost multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. And we didn’t see that much value in [Microsoft’s] core stack.”

Multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. It isn’t a Dodge Hennessey Viper Venom, people. It’s an operating system that runs on a computer. It’s development software. It doesn’t cure cancer (might cause it, you never know). And it doesn’t fill those duties all that well, anyway.

“What Kolke and his team found was that with the low cost of a LAMP stack composed of CentOS, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, they were able to produce a range of hosted CRM solutions that wasn’t possible on a Microsoft infrastructure. ‘Originally, we were intrigued by the pricing and distribution model [of open source] and then by the economics of developers in the community working on the code.’ The collaborative and cooperative nature of the open source community struck a pleasant chord with Kolke. ‘We were early users of the SOAP toolkit, and we had run into several walls with Microsoft where we had problems with it but couldn’t get clear answers on when they were going to resolve the issues. We got the “we know about it and we’ll get to it” answer. With the open source community, we found a lot more support, and with having access to the code base we could contribute fixes. So the support was a lot more appealing for us, along with the rapid development cycle.'” [emphasis added]

I love that he says that it wasn’t even possible on a M$ infrastructure. Why? Apparently, the software was buggy and they couldn’t get M$ to give them the time of day.

People are starting to realize that there are open source options available that are much more appealing. Why? The cost is much lower, you are not locked in to one organization’s way, and you are free to add functionality as you see fit. Where can your company use Linux?

Read “CRM company dumps Microsoft, remakes itself with LAMP”

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