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September 25, 2007

Excel no longer able to multiply correctly – better use OpenOffice

by @ 10:13 am. Filed under War

You know it’s bad for Microsoft’s financial department, especially with the kind of numbers they crunch, when they can’t even perform basic multiplication. Seriously, people. it’s been 20 years, figure it out.

What am I talking about?

The “Excel 2007 Multiplication Bug,” as outlined on Slashdot:

“The example that first came to light is =850*77.1 – which gives a result of 100,000 instead of the correct 65,535. It seems that any formula that should evaluate to 65,535 will act strangely. One poster in the forum noted these behaviors: ‘Suppose the formula is in A1. =A1+1 returns 100,001, which appears to show the formula is in fact 100,000… =A1*2 returns 131,070, as if A1 had 65,535 (which it should have been). =A1*1 keeps it at 100,000. =A1-1 returns 65,534. =A1/1 is still 100,000. =A1/2 returns 32767.5.'”

How many ways do I love open source? Let me count the ways. But not in Excel.

And before you get ahead of yourself, OpenOffice does this calculation properly:

Better switch to open source if you are doing any important financial spreadsheets.

7 Responses to “Excel no longer able to multiply correctly – better use OpenOffice”

  1. Richard Chapman Says:

    I think the time we live in will come to be known to future historians as The Great Ignorance. There will be no other explanation as to why the population of the world would not only use, but vigorously defend such poorly written software.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Holy crap…I tested it out an it actually does that. I can’t believe it…You’d think they’d be more careful when testing a product that retails for at least $150…

    Sorry, if you don’t know me. I’ve been lurking for a few months, but haven’t actually posted anything.

  3. Scott Morris Says:

    Absolutely. Unbelievable. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Scott Morris Says:

    Isn’t that totally nuts? Thanks for sharing your two cents!

  5. frantic Says:

    Hey good people, just do not overreact:-)
    Office is great piece of software (though a bit expensive). Various bugs can be found in ANY sw be it from microsoft or others. Remember OpenSUSE 10.1 package management bug. That was really big issue and I still can’t understand how on earth it could ever pass any quality check.
    In a couple of days, Microsoft will issue update and the problem’s over.

  6. Marcelo España Says:

    No more comments. I try and result was incredible. It’s true.

  7. linux photoshop Says:

    Unbelievable, its true! Hope Microsoft will do something about it. Anyway I’m just new user to the Openoffice and I find it very interesting. Thank for sharing this articles.

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