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June 4, 2007

FNB switches 12 000 desktops to Linux

by @ 6:52 pm. Filed under General Linux, Linux migrations, Linux News, novell

Here is another one! It is encouraging, yet not surprising to see how many Linux migrations are taking place recently. I do struggle to keep up with them all; try though I may, it is nearly impossible. This time, we have another coming from a South African bank. First National Bank of South Africa has announced a partnership with Novell to switch 12,000 desktops over to Linux.

“Following recent reports of a South African bank eyeing out Linux, Novell South Africa today issued a statement in which it said it had reached an agreement with First National Bank of South Africa to standardise the bank’s 12 000 desktops in its 680 retail branches on Novell’s Linux product.”

“With 12 000 desktops switching to Linux this is very likely the most significant Linux and open source implementation in South Africa to date.”

“Stafford Masie, managing director of Novell SA, said that ‘Novell’s ability to offer a complete ecosystem to take care of the customer long after the installation of software and establish a trusted relationship was key for FNB. Deployments like this one continue to demonstrate the value and readiness of desktop Linux solutions from Novell for enterprise customers.'”

Read the entire article here.

2 Responses to “FNB switches 12 000 desktops to Linux”

  1. Senzo Dlungwane Says:

    One day I came to fnb branch in westreet to ask for a change of smart account to student account, one of the assistants told me that i will not be able to do that since i did not open my account here in Durban i must go to PMB where i opened my account my question is ,is that true? or the fnb service is ifringed.From Senzo Dlungwane a student of UKZN

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    🙂 No idea, bro. But thanks for stopping by.

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