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May 10, 2007

Free “Intro to Linux” Course Now Available

by @ 7:03 am. Filed under freebies, General Linux, General SUSE, SUSE Blog News

Finally! Tonight, I was able to wrap up the last class of my online course.

This online course is done via email. It is completely free. People register for the class, and receive an ebook via email every few days containing the next class of the course. Its goal is to be the most basic introduction to Linux possible. So basic that anyone who could possibly be interested in learning Linux can do it through this course. Your 7-year-old daughter or your 98-year-old uncle. Your brother who has never even seen a computer before (ok, that one may be a bit of a stretch). Anyone and everyone should have a basic understanding of Linux once they have completed the course.

You see, this gives a platform of understanding that we can then build upon with other types of articles and such. Besides that, it’s about 36 pages of free e-book content. How could that possibly be bad? 🙂

Because let’s face it… If you are like me, you enjoy sharing Linux with people. However, teaching people how to run Linux can feel time-consuming. That said, what if you had a resource that you could point them to and just say, “Look, this will teach you everything you need to know to get started using Linux.”? Wouldn’t that be great? That is part of the design of this course as well.

Here is a brief list of what the course covers:

If you are interested in such a course, or know someone who is, the sign-up form is in the left nav on my blog page. It’s totally free, and has some great info in it.

I also wanted to announce that this blog has now had over 1 Million page views in the last year. That seriously blows me away.

18 Responses to “Free “Intro to Linux” Course Now Available”

  1. devnet Says:

    Congrats on the growth!

    This course is excellent…even though I’m not a new user, I still signed up so I can go through it and know what a new user is getting when they sign up for it.

    It’s good to be able to help a new user through all parts of their experience and this course gives you base to go from when new users sign up for it! Thanks for the article 🙂

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    Why thanks! 🙂 That is my very intent. Give brand new users a place to start if they don’t know where to start. Or even someone who wants a little more depth to their approach to Linux. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one.

  3. Peter Cannon Says:

    Hi Scott

    Great Idea, can I put a link to it from my site? Oh and can I pinch youre logo to go with the link?


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  5. Scott Morris Says:

    Absolutely, mate. Please do. Thanks for stopping by and have a good one.

  6. Jeff Says:


    Great idea but without actually having read it myself I fear it doesn’t go quite far enough.

    As the course draws to a close do you point readers at other resources to continue their inward education into the day to day usage, troubleshooting, maintaining of it or do you leave them in the lurch so to speak.

    This is in no way intended as a criticism because anyone who does anything (almost) for free these days is to be applauded.

  7. Karoly Szentmihalyi Says:

    Dear Scott,

    I am an IT professional and Iam eager to learn Linux especially
    Suse10.2 desktop.

    Many thanks for your kind help,


  8. Scott Morris Says:

    You may very well be onto something, there. I actually intend to expand it quite heavily. From a beginning standpoint, I just wanted to get something decent up. It’s a lot easier to improve on “something” than “nothing.” 😉 So that’s what I think I’m going to do. I do provide a link to my ebook, which takes people through installation and many other online resources. However, that information is not integrated directly into the course itself.
    Thanks for stopping by, I will take your point into consideration as I move forward.

  9. Jim Hedge Says:


  10. Scott Morris Says:

    Yep, you bet. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.

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  12. Harold Bradley Says:

    Scott love the class but could you send me lesson #3. Some how im missing it.

  13. Paul King Says:

    Scott, great course but am missing lessons #2 & #3.
    In addition, when receiving 1, 4 & 5, they were
    sent twice (as in i’m on the list twice?).

  14. Henry Martin Says:

    This is a great idea, but I think Novell continue to shoot themselves in the foot. I started investigating Linux offerings years ago because I am one of the most fervent haters of Windoze and Microbloat, but I have to be absolutely honest and say that out of all the offerings now, which have boiled down to around 5, SuSE, RedHat and Ubuntu, Fedora and Mandriva, I peronally prefer any of them to SuSE.

    SuSE made a HUGE mistake by not incorporating YUM, Red Carpet is nowhere near as user friendly as YUM and I find that many of the popular apps out there will run on all the versions above EXCEPT SuSE. Even the ones that WILL run on SuSE require hours of work to install them because Red Carpet doesn’t resolve, download and install all the dependencies, which is where YUM is outstanding.

    I’ve had experiences with a couple of people I’ve tried to get over to Linux and they have all opted for Fedora, not just because it’s FREE but because it is far easier to install, use and maintain than SuSE (YUM again). It took me an entire day to track down all the dependencies for VLC and install them on my SuSE box and around 5 mins with Fedora by typing – yum install vlc

    I’ve been flogging Novell Products since 1984 and I just find it sad that Novell continually mess up. SuSE is a nice distribution, but only if you have Novell Servers, because Novell have made things like iFolder3, iPrint, Novell Client etc., incompatible with all the other distros and I think this is a step in the Microsoft direction of trying to FORCE people into buying their product which is NOT in the spirit of Open Source.

  15. oscar Says:

    I would like to get this course, because i change linux for windows.

  16. Miuchin Svetozar Says:

    Hi…to all,
    I’m from Stip, Macedonia also 53 years old . Looking forward to learning all I can about Linux and learn more of the things I don’t know. I’m using the Suse 10.02 for a two months.

    P.S. forgive my poor english !!!

  17. miuchin Says:

    Please send me again class 6 and class 7 .
    Thanlks miuchin

  18. zain Says:

    suggest me any good and easy course coz i m interested in any proffessional course.


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