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March 13, 2008

Grand Central from Google

by @ 2:38 pm. Filed under computer tips

Sorry I haven’t been all that talkative lately. Lots going on.

Hey, has everyone heard about Grand Central? It is a service offered by Google that will allow you to do all kinds of great stuff with your phone and phone numbers. You can white/black list people. You can record phone conversations. As the page says, “So many features, you won’t believe it.”

Just head over to and check it out.

Because it’s beta, you can only sign up if someone invites you. My question is… anyone have an account that would be willing to invite me? 🙂

One Response to “Grand Central from Google”

  1. Andrew Jorgensen Says:

    Sorry Scott, GrandCentral recently removed the invite feature. You can try to get into the beta program using the “Reserve” button on the main page. Also it seems the plan is to start charging for the service (or maybe place ads?) once the beta is over. It is a neat service though.

    The part where GrandCentral falls short is that if you call someone from your phone as you normally would they will of course see your real number in their caller ID. That means when they call you back they will use that number and not your GC number. If they know to use the number that’s great but most will just call you back on the number you called them with.

    Now that being said I do give out my GC number to businesses when possible. That way if I don’t want to talk to them I can just screen the call or even block them.

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