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January 31, 2006

Here are some absolutely useless data….

by @ 4:22 pm. Filed under Work-Related

I love to run reports on stuff. It makes me feel like I am an all-knowing industry-wise guru of knowledge. I’m talking about the results of The Survey. Well, I can’t give out the results yet, but I can tell you these things:

The most frequent first name in all the submissions for the survey is Michael, with 143. Second is David, with 133. The total breakdown of the top 10 is:

Incredibly, the most frequent last name is Smith. Someone should tell Will.

It’s been great to see so much interest in this survey. We’re about to break the 10k barrier with number of submissions. Go us.

Oh, and for everyone following my adventures with Gaim 2.0.0, I uninstalled it from all machines and went back to 1.5.0. Too many wacky things with 2.0.0, still. That is ok, because it’s in beta.

Heh, don’t tell anyone, but I got copies of Novell Linux Desktop 10.0 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.0 this morning. I’m gonna put them on some of my machines here and see what they look and feel like.

Alrighty, well, that wraps up another “10 Minutes of Happy Time with Scott”, so I’m gonna log off. Everyone be sure and have a day.

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