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May 22, 2008

How do I get one of these shirts?

by @ 6:25 am. Filed under humor, War

I can’t remember where this came from, but I need to know who can help me find where to buy this bad boy. I’d probably even pay a finder’s fee, man. Seriously. So here it is:


Where do I get one of these?

11 Responses to “How do I get one of these shirts?”

  1. Josef Assad Says:

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    Awesome, man. I’m gonna grab one right now. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Stan Kain Says:

    Thanks for the link! I just ordered one!

  4. hype Says:

    … damn shipping only in USA, I also want one.

  5. aaa Says:

    you can always print your own 🙂

  6. Una camiseta sin precio | KDE Blog Says:

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  7. Adam Says:

    Ugh, Im sick of seeing Microsoft bashing. It was funny 10 years ago. Now its just old, and whats worse, the shirt isnt even accurate. What Mac OSX? You have to pay for that as well. What about corporate supported Linux? You have to pay for those too…

  8. accessko Says:

    Great T-shirt and it’s so true. I a big fan of Linux and OSX and I left M$ a long time ago.
    Greetings from the Netherlands 😉

  9. Boohoo for Adam Says:

    It’s not bashing, it’s a statement. A way to inform people that alternatives exist, since most of them don’t know.
    OSX is merely a complement to the Mac hardware. It’s not nearly as much of a product on its own as Windows. Commercial versions of the GNU/Linux operating system do exist, but they’re a minority both in number and in userbase and the greater part of their code is still Open and Free, not to mention that the shirt is obviously referring to the free distros.

  10. Konraden Says:

    I’m sorry Boohoo, did you just say OSX was a complement to the HARDWARE of Macs? Pretty sure you’ve got that six times ass backward from wednesday

    The *only* thing that Apple has over Microsoft is an OS. The Hardware is the exact same (at twice the cost!) Apple designs GUI’s, not hardware.

    Linux isn’t for the faint of heart either. Have a chat with Average Joe or Jane. Tell them that their new OS is Open Source, fully customizable (even to the point where you can write your own drivers), and that they never have to pay a dime. Also tell them that the Unix engine is still heavily command based, and that they better learn a few quick commands incase things go awry. Also tell them that There exists literally hundreds of free programs that you can put on, but some have to be installed manually. Others do the same thing as Program A, B, C, and X, but not Y. Tell them none of their friends or co-workers will be able to operate their computer without quick help. Tell them it’s not going to be anything like the computer they use at work. Tell them they might not be able to get cross compatibility to work with all of their documents or files.

    Also tell them that they can spend twice the amount of money for this cool new sleek computer which will not only make you look cool, but be cool. Tell them that it costs tons of money, and that you have to buy each successive upgrade of it’s OS despite there being very little difference worthy of the purchase. Tell them that unless they work in Hollywood or Graphic Design, they are unlikely to ever see this computer anywhere else other than college campuses. Tell them that programs cost an arm and a leg. Tell them that the upgrade kit is a sledge hammer and a credit card. Tell them that everything is DRM’d because Apple trusts you. Tell them that this OS is very user friendly, after you understand what you are doing. Tell them they won’t ever need to install Anti-Virus programs or protect their computer in anyway. Tell them that their computer doesn’t every and will never crash. Tell them that they can even have Windows installed for a few hundred dollars. Tell them that their kids won’t be able to play any game worth it’s salt without having this Windows. Don’t forget to tell them the ridiculous Hard Drive failure rate of the new MacBook Pro’s either, resulting in massive data loss and corruption. I’m sure they will want to know that.

    Tell them all that, and then let me know if they are still in.

    Windows is comfortable, friendly, and popular as is.

    Everyone knows how to use Windows
    It has the most support
    It can upgrade for cheap
    It’s susceptible from viri and bugs…generally when somebody is somewhere they shouldn’t be.
    it crashes…when you don’t care for the computer correctly
    it upgrades for free, unless an entirely new and different OS comes out that makes *real* innovations aside from automatic backups.
    It plays every game ever made because every game ever made was made for a windows machine
    it supports 98% of all software produced
    It is endlessly customizable easily, from boot up to shutdown and everything in between.
    The OS is the only thing you have to pay for, and many popular products (same ones on Linux generally) exist to install in their own packages.
    it’s already at every business that uses computers.

    Yes, I like Windows. Yes, I can’t stand OSX, no, I have nothing against Linux. BUT, the average person is NOT going to change to either one easily or willingly. Why bother when the computer they are running now works just fine, and is used at work anyway.

    If Apple didn’t charge so much for their computers, I would have significantly less problem with them. 90% of my problem with Apple is the outrageous prices they sell their computers at. Linux? I like linux. I’ve played with it, but I never wanted to dedicate to it. I don’t code enough to make the stable environment worthwhile. Windows is easy, and I play more games than are produced by Blizzard.

    Feel free to flame me at Konraden AT gmail DoT cOm … I stumbled here.

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