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December 8, 2006

I am giving out 2 Gig USB Flash Drives for Free

by @ 9:23 pm. Filed under sweet deals

My people over at have set up a sweet deal. Grab a 2 Gig USB Flash Drive that, after rebates and Google Checkout, comes out totally free. No, I don’t know them, or have any affiliations with them or anything. I just wanted everyone who wanted one to get one. The day before yesterday, they ran out, so I could only get one. But I saw it posted again, and wanted to tell everyone. Very cool deal. Pick up a couple and give one away for Christmas. I’ll never tell them how cheap you are. Get it here. Rebate One Rebate Two

Pass it on to everyone you know.

5 Responses to “I am giving out 2 Gig USB Flash Drives for Free”

  1. Gabriel Gunderson Says:

    Looks like the Google shopping cart option is no longer available. I should have acted last night. 🙁

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    Stinky, bro. 😐 That sucks.

  3. GN Says:

    I had nothing but nightmares with USB flash drives Scott, all the 5 I bought broke eventually. I won’t touch those things anymore…. btw, did you install openSUSE 10.2? if so, how is it?


  4. Scott Morris Says:

    Well, I guess it’s all good, I am getting them for free. 🙂
    I did install openSUSE 10.2. I’m going to do a write-up on it as soon as I’m done with my lame homework.

  5. Scott Morris Says:

    Hey, they are back up for whoever missed it.

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