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June 7, 2006

I surely love this quote

by @ 6:35 am. Filed under General Linux, My Opinion, SUSE News

I didn’t catch where this came from, but man, I love it:

“You don’t know how to get to the control panel let alone operate in it so you can’t figure out how to uninstall programs. (You might not even know such a thing exists) As a result, for all eternity when you boot, norton, mcafee and pc-cillin all annoy the heck out of you constantly telling you that you should sign up for their updating service and buy full versions of their products. They all also run scans at random times for your 120 day trial (after which they still bug you) and this slows your computer down to a crawl on a constant basis. You also have AOL, Netscape, Netzero and other ISP message popping up every time you boot and no doubt 17 other programs asking you to finish or start some process that will no doubt ask you for a credit card number.”

I worked at a place doing tech support once. This describes 482% of the people I tried to help, but were completely beyond even my reach.

Also, Adrian Schröter announced the release of the SUSE 10.1 Live DVD, as follows:

— begin —

The SUSE Linux 10.1 Live DVD is available now.
The download URL to get it it from you next mirror is

The Live DVD is a 32bit intel based system which contains 4GB of great Linux software compressed into a 1.7GB iso.

—- end —

2 Responses to “I surely love this quote”

  1. Steve Says:

    It was on digg. 🙂

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    Man, you think you know everything, don’t you?


    Thanks. I figured you’d tell me where you got it.

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