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September 21, 2007

Install Downloaded RPM in YAST

by @ 11:11 am. Filed under SUSE Tips & Tricks

Sam wrote in asking me a great question. Sometimes you have a stand-alone RPM that you have downloaded. The problem now is how to get it installed, especially if you want dependencies to automatically be resolved.

Hi Scott,

I want to thank you for writing the “Easiest Linux Guide Ever”. You are a felicitous writer.

If I’m not taking much of your time, I wanted to tell you that I still can’t figure out how to use YAST to install Flash 9.0 (RPM package).

If you can tell me, or point out to me how to proceed, I’d be much obliged.



Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the writing.

There are two things you could do. You can either install it from the command line using RPM, for example:

rpm -Uvh flash-rpm-package-here.rpm

The problem here is that it doesn’t automatically install dependencies.

The other thing is that you can create your own installation repository (super easy) with createrepo. Install the createrepo package. Then, you create a directory which you will use as the repository. Dump the RPM in there. Then, you run the createrepo command on that directory. For example, you make a directory called /my_inst_src. You then place the flash rpm in there. Then run this command:

createrepo /my_inst_src

You then go into YAST and add that directory as an installation source.

You should now be able to go into YAST and install it just like you do any other RPM. Dependencies should be resolved as usual, should any exist.

Hope that helps.


6 Responses to “Install Downloaded RPM in YAST”

  1. winston Says:

    When I download a rpm to the desktop and then right click it, I get a menu and one of the options is to install with yast. Is this not the same thing.

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    Absolutely, that is another excellent way to install an RPM. Thx for the reminder. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Matt Domsch Says:

    Now that opensuse includes yum, you can:
    $ sudo yum localinstall yournewpackage-0.1.i386.rpm

    and yum will resolve the dependencies for you, against the standard opensuse package repositories.

  4. Duncan Mac-Vicar Says:

    You don’t need to do that. You can add a directory of rpms as a plain directory repository and YaST will extract the dependency metadata for you.

  5. Andrew Says:

    THANK YOU SCOTT. Finally, an excellent response from someone who really knows. I’m going blind from reading forums in search of answers. Not to mention your course and ebooks are a highly valued resource!

  6. Scott Morris Says:

    You bet, bro. Glad to help! Thanks for stopping by.

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