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January 19, 2006

Kate, you have such nice….

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*FONTS*! What did you think I was going to say? You see, I’m referring to KATE, the K Advanced Text Editor. I use two text editors, vim and Kate. When I don’t feel the need to prove to anyone that I’m 1337, I forgo vim and head over to Kate-land. Simple and pointy-clicky. I have such a ball with Kate, that I wrote a 4-part series on some interesting ways I like to use Kate and some of its features that I find useful. This in hopes that someone else might see something they themselves could use. Here are links to the articles in the series:

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In KDE 3.4, Kate would let you tell it to only allow one instance of it to run. So, if you had the source code of your new virus open in Kate, and you opened a new text file, it would open in the same session with your source code. This is something that I grew accustomed to.

Well, Kate 2.5.0 does what are called named sessions. Kind of an interesting paradigm that I’m sure I’ll get used to by the time I am four hundred ninety-two years, eleven months, three weeks, a day, seventeen hours, fifty-six minutes, and fourteen seconds old. In the mean time, I want my one-session-only Kate back. As the option has disappeared from the SETTINGS => CONFIGURE KATE dialog, I was slightly distraught and thought I’d have to do without.

That was, until I became determined to figure out how to make it work. That is when I came across this really cool article about my very dilemma. Turns out, all ya’ have to do is add “-u” to the commandline. Since I hardly ever (read “never”) use the commandline to open Kate, I implemented the “-u” in a slightly different way. I have a button in my Kicker panel that opens Kate for me. I slid a “-u” into the command executed by that button.

The other place I put the “-u” was in the file associations section of Konqueror. To get here, open a Konqueror window. Follow SETTINGS => CONFIGURE KONQUEROR => FILE ASSOCIATIONS (on the left) => [expand the “text” section on the right] => PLAIN. In the Application Preference Order box on the right, make sure an entry for Kate is in there. Click on KATE, and then EDIT. A properties dialog appears. Select the APPLICATION tab. In your commandline, between the “kate” and the “%U”, put a “-u” in there. So, the command is actually “kate -u %U”. Click OK, and then OK back on the properties dialog, and you are good to go. You’re back to your single-session Kate.

I’m sure I’ll grow into the named sessions thing. For now, I want it how I want it, and that’s how I want it.

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