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March 21, 2007

KchmViewer, CHM files, and Resetting Windows Admin Passwords with Linux

by @ 6:56 am. Filed under ebook, review, SUSE Tips & Tricks

So I am reading through my billions of RSS articles yesterday, and I see this one regarding an ebook, called “Advanced Linux Networking.” I head over to the page, and download the book, only to see that it is in a format that I haven’t seen for awhile, CHM. At first, I wonder how I will be able to view it. After a quick search through YAST, I find that there is a package called kchmviewer.

This little application seems to do pretty well with these CHM files. I was able to open the ebook and read it just fine with KchmViewer:


click image for larger version

So should you ever need an app to view CHM files, check this one out. It’s a nice application.

As another testament to why I love Linux, let me relate a story.

At work, we have this ‘facilities’ guy (who shall remain nameless) who sets up computers for all the new hires each week. The other day, I was working away at my desk when he comes up and asks me if I have a few minutes. He says to me, “Don’t you have a Linux CD that can reset an Administrator password on a Windows machine?” I reply, “Why yes I do.” He says, “I think I may need to enlist your services.” I head over to his desk with my CD and boot the computer off it, showing him the prompts and what to choose from the menus. When all was said and done, the Administrator password on that Windows machine had been reset. He was able to reboot it and get right in without any trouble whatsoever.

Linux really is great.

3 Responses to “KchmViewer, CHM files, and Resetting Windows Admin Passwords with Linux”

  1. vangelis Says:

    Yes KchmViewer is really neat, I use it also for linux books.

    Why don’t you share with us the administrator pwd reset?

    Cheers and thanks for the nice blog!


  2. openSUSE Linux Rants » Blog Archive » openSUSE Linux : Helping the world avoid unnecessary agony - opensuse linux blog Says:

    […] This is reminiscent of an experience I had awhile back where my co-worker needed Linux to fix a broken Windows box. […]

  3. Rajesh Rao Says:

    where can I find the kchmviewer package? Is it in the Suse Linux DVD ??
    I am using Open Suse 10.3 DVD version …

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