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May 10, 2006

KDE was made for SUSE Linux

by @ 7:02 am. Filed under My Opinion

For anyone who may have taken me seriously, I hate Gnome. If you throw a glance up to the upper-right corner of my page from whence you may (or may not) have read this, you’d know that. Remember the old satire thing? Well, that was a weak attempt, but it was super late and I was tired. Maybe I’ll do a better one later. I just wanted to see if I could reel in any suckers, kind of like I, myself, was reeled in a few days ago. Heh… what we do for a laugh. As it turns out…

Anywho, for now, I have to kind of be thinking about what to talk about with Ted Haeger next week when we do a podcast. That ought to be sweet.

I really dig how cool SUSE is. I’m sure that if we could tell more people about it, they’d probably find it cool, as well. We just have to tell people about it.

Sorry for the short post, but I am out of rant for the moment. Tune in tomorrow!

16 Responses to “KDE was made for SUSE Linux”

  1. E@zyVG Says:

    I do not hate Gnome, it’s just that I prefer KDE to Gnome. Both are good.

    BTW: XFCE is also cool.

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    I dig ya’, man. Use whatever works for you. I also like XFCE.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Steve Says:

    I saw a great comment on Slashdot about Gnome and its constant striving for simplicity. I just knew you’d love it:

    “One day the Gnome desktop will have been reduced to a single button and then youÒ€ℒll be happy.”

  4. Scott Morris Says:

    Ha ha ha ha… Imagine the tech support call:

    Customer: I pushed the button.

    Tech Support: What happened?

    Customer: Nothing. That’s why I’m calling. I pushed the button and nothing happened.

    Tech Support: Oh, nothing is supposed to happen. It’s simpler that way.

  5. Hylke Says:

    Too bad… these kind of posts. SUSE is a great product in both KDE and GNOME, users will pick the DE that suits them best. I think KDE looks too much like a carnaval by default and gives me a Windows feel. Sometimes I wish GNOME had a little more features, but it will do, I’ll stick to it for now. πŸ™‚ But don’t worry, I’ll still happily read your posts ;).

  6. Scott Morris Says:

    Hey man… How’s everything? Thanks for stopping in. I totally hope that people pick whatever suits them best. Mostly, I post stuff like that to get people riled up. I get a kick out of it. I say that people should use the best tool for the job. This means that whatever tool they can be most productive with, which is appropriate for the application, is probably the best one to use. So, if you dig Gnome, and can get everything done using that, *TOTALLY* go for it, man. I just prefer KDE, and I’m gonna proclaim that far and wide. πŸ™‚
    Thanks again for the post.

  7. Gestahl Says:

    Heh, that kinda reminds me of my first Linux experience. It was Mandrake 9.2, and I chose Gnome as desktop environment, simply because I read something ’bout many people using KDE, and I didn’t want to “go with the flow” πŸ˜€
    Luckily, or maybe not, depends on how you see that, I didn’t stick with Linux back then, ’cause I couldn’t form an internet connection, which I later found out was due to that shitty built-in network-card. It couldn’t even connect to an existing network in Windows, with the official drivers being installed πŸ˜€

    Anyway, since I started using Linux fulltime with Mandrake 2005, I sticked with KDE, whatever distro I’ve tried. It just looks that much better, and you can customize it to a great extent. Besides, stuff like DCOP is just plain cool for tinkering around with.
    Also, since I started to convince other people to give Linux a try (the latest success being my mother, who is now running on SUSE 10.0 – well, 10.1 from tomorrow on, that is πŸ˜€ As will I, I didn’t like Kubuntu anyway, although it’s not exactly the original anymore ^^), I always recommended KDE.
    It’s not that I hate Gnome or anything, I just don’t like the approach it’s taking. If people are happy using it, that’s fine with me, ’cause that means they’re running Linux, but in my opinion they could be a lot happier using KDE πŸ™‚

    Just my 2 cent.

  8. foez Says:

    I guess you got the kind of answer you liked to hear out of me.
    You never know it in this world. Do you think that Novell was joking when they said that gnome would be the standard ? But that was just humor right ?

  9. Steve Says:

    Here’s another great slashdot comment (I can’t come up with my own):

    Oh, and you *can* type in a pathÒ€¦ did you try to just start typing? As soon as you hit that first /, a textbox will appear.

    Genius. Sheer genius. Provide a textbox address bar functionality, but make it invisible until the user decides to type an address. Because, you know, users will be able to psychically sense its presence and decide to start typing, rather than just assuming it hasnÒ€ℒt been implemented.

    Whoever is in charge of UI at Gnome is obviously a double agent engaged in sabotage. Either that or too busy taking HIG surveys to bother actually coming up with a usable interface.

  10. Knusper Says:

    I also spread the word about SUSE everyday… I think Suse and KDE are perfect for everybody who wants to get rid of Windows OS!

  11. Scott Morris Says:

    Yep. πŸ™‚

  12. Viktor Says:

    In my SUSE 10.0, using KDE =P you get up the main menu, and I see a box, just under my Recently Used list, saying Click Here or press ‘/’ to search.

    Doing so, I could type in “vi” and it greys out everything that does Not have the word vi in it, leaving you with “vi”, “vim” and anything with “vi” in its name. I found it very handy. Lucky it was Not invisible to me πŸ˜›

  13. E@zyVG Says:

    Steve >>> I didn’t know that !!!

    Now I now that I am definitely a guy with that particular sense absent in me πŸ™

    BTW, for me SUSE is not SUSE unless I am running KDE.

  14. freeloader Says:


  15. Scott Morris Says:

    You go, man! πŸ™‚

  16. Henrique Vicente Says:

    so do I! I really hate Gnome! πŸ™‚

    XFce is really cool. I’d use it in situations where I wouldn’t appreciate a great and big desktop environment, but a nice window manager or if my computer couldn’t work with KDE.

    Henrique Vicente,

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