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September 12, 2008

Lancelot Menu for KDE 4.1 [video]

by @ 3:32 pm. Filed under KDE Tips

Here is a nice demo of the new Lancelot menu for KDE 4.1:

more information


From a article on Lancelot:

“KDE 4 is barely eight months old, and already it has three options for a main menu. Until now, users have either used the default Kickoff, which makes for awkward navigation of the menu tree, or reverted to the familiar but unwieldy classic menu. Now, with the first full release of Lancelot, users have another option that overcomes the shortcomings of both other alternatives and gives KDE 4 a thoroughly modern menu.”

“According to comments on the project Web page by main developer Ivan ÄŒukić, Lancelot started life as a SuperKaramba applet for organizing desktop icons. Its name is a homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail — as evidenced by the default grail icon — as well as a pun on “launch-a-lot.” As ÄŒukić ported it to the new KDE desktop, the project changed in nature, first to keep pace with rumors about it, and then because of his dissatisfaction with Kickoff. ÄŒukić is apparently not alone in his dissatisfaction, because within days of the 1.0 release being announced, Lancelot packages started to appear in many major distributions.”

Read “Lancelot reaches Holy Grail of KDE menu.”

2 Responses to “Lancelot Menu for KDE 4.1 [video]”

  1. PetePac Says:

    The video is really blurred and I cannot make out what you are clicking on for changes.

  2. rawsausage Says:

    Lancelot is pretty good. I can spot only one blocker level bug. The background is white, which is entirely wrong. It is out of the place, ugly, and bad usability.

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