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January 24, 2006

Latest and Greatest…

by @ 10:19 am. Filed under General SUSE, SUSE Tips & Tricks

I like the latest software I can get that is still somewhat stable. SUSE can actually be pretty bleeding-edge if ya’ let it. First, you have to put in all the Installation Sources and update all of your packages, as I’ve outlined in my article on the topic. It’s unbelievably simple. However, it also helps to know where to look for some other things.

For example, last night, I was poking around on You see, I have been looking for RPMs for Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5 for use on my SUSE machines. Well, as it turns out, they were right there on that very server. From what I could see, however, they were not in an Installation Source repository. They were just available as individual downloads.

Hey, I’ll take what I can get.

Turns out, I also found on the server. Man, that is sweet.

For anyone else who may be interested in where these RPMs are located, here ya’ go:

Firefox 1.5 for SUSE 10.0 :

Thunderbird 1.5 for SUSE 10.0: 2.0.11 for SUSE 10.0 are located in this directory:

You’ll probably want the base RPM:

And the RPM that corresponds to your Desktop Environment of choice:



In that same directory, there are packages for the language-dependent parts of OO, as well as an additional RPM with extra gallery components. Grab what you need.

Knowing is half the battle, baby. Here’s some cool stuff for you to be aware of. Enjoy.

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