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December 8, 2008

Linux Comic of the Day

by @ 8:55 am. Filed under General Linux, humor

Linux Comic of the Day on - Foxtrot

Heh, if only. The fastest I’ve gotten a full Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP server running on OpenSUSE Linux was 37 minutes, and that includes adding all of the installation repositories. It was also installed without X, running in init level 3.

So, what are people’s records on getting a given LAMP stack up and running?

10 Responses to “Linux Comic of the Day”

  1. Steve Dibb Says:

    With Gentoo? Probably about an hour. Getting a bootable system is incredibly easy. Getting it up to date takes time. 😉

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    An hour to update portage, then an hour to download all the packages, then an hour to compile each one, is that what you’re saying? 🙂

  3. Christer Edwards Says:

    Ubuntu + kickstart + network install + LAMP stack: 5min 49 seconds


  4. Scott Morris Says:

    Hey, buddy! I’d squeal with glee to actually see that happen. What can we set up? I would honestly and truly enjoy beholding such a feat. My house or yours? 🙂

  5. Gabriel Gunderson Says:


    I’m sure you’re running that with PXE and local mirrors of the repos, no? That’s the way I roll 🙂


  6. Justin Haygood Says:

    openSUSE 11.0 + network install over Gigabit Ethernet – about 25 minutes.. 20 for install, 5 for doing “zypper in yast2-http-server apache2 apache2-mod_php5 php5 php5-mysql mysql mysql-client phpMyAdmin”

  7. Aaron Says:

    *JUST* those packages- Apache, MySQL and PHP? Nothing else? With Red Hat and Kickstart, this should be accomplished in under 5 minutes. All you need is the DVD .iso, a fully built kickstart, and a bootable disk to launch it. As an instructor for Guru Labs, we did installs all the time. Installing everything- SSH, DNS, DHCP, PXE, NFS, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, XINETD, X11, and many, many others generally happened in under 10 minutes- fully configured too, with users and groups, firewall, TCP wrappers, SELinux- the whole ball of wax. Of course, this assumes local installs, and not over the network. Once that machine is installed, you could “image” it with the anaconda-ks.cfg in /root. Put it under an HTTP dir, restart Apache, then PXE boot the rest of the machines. Depending on your hardware, you should be able to image 20 machines in exactly the same configuration in under 15 minutes, if they are on a fully-switch 100 Mbit network. Go gigabit, and it shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes.

    Of course, theoretically, you can do this with AutoYAST and SUSE, preseed and Ubuntu, and so forth.

  8. Lonnie Olson Says:

    I can get an Ubuntu Server + LAMP stack installed in 10min or less without the aid of any kickstart, preseed, etc. Adding in a kickstart/preseed file and it cuts down to about 5-6 like Christer said. There’s a lot to be said for the inefficiency of the human choosing options.

    Hrm, I can even get to a FreeBSD + AMP in about 10min too. I’ll have to post specs.

    So far it seems that SUSE sucks. 🙂

  9. mattie Says:

    considering the iFruit comes with a preloaded OS, I’d also consider the 10 minutes quite long to set it up 😉

  10. Scott Morris Says:

    Now *THAT* is funny. 🙂

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