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June 4, 2008

Major Linux Migrations: An Unbelievable List of Nearly 100 From Around the Globe

by @ 6:58 am. Filed under Linux migrations

Thoroughly thrilled at the thought of Munich’s progress switching to Linux, I have actually been tracking and logging such migrations for a long time. As a matter of fact, on my OpenSUSE Linux blog, I offer a course wherein I explore all of the migrations of which I am aware. I wanted to share that list with ya’ll.

The explosive growth of the Linux operating system has literally taken the world by storm and by surprise. With the many migrations to Linux, my interest was piqued. I wanted to delve into the details of who was actually switching. Is all of the excitement just from the novelty of a few groups switching over? Or is all the excitement coming from migration after migration of many different organizations? Are that many people really making the switch?

So I hit the trail, hoping to create some kind of order out of the chaos. For several months, I searched out relevant articles outlining migrations to Linux. When it was finally finished, I compiled it all here.

After some extensive research, I uncovered some fascinating trends in Linux migration. Check out this impressive list of companies, organizations, and other entities who have switched over to Linux:

U.S. Military Forces

Governments Worldwide Using Linux

Financial Institutions Using Linux

Companies and Corporations

Educational Institutions

Other Migrations to Linux


Summarily, a great many are switching to Linux. Remember that the list of migrations provided above is not comprehensive. As a matter of fact, it would be quite impossible to include them all. Even with this limited amount of research, it is obvious that there are some major players making the move. And it’s not just a couple of small-time organizations, unless you consider the U.S. Military small-time.

Evidently, several banks have switched to Linux, also. Why would they make the switch to Linux? They must trust in its security. A bank has a great deal to lose if its security is breached.

Could it be that Linux is a great option? Evidence makes it sure appear to be, doesn’t it?

Linux has a great deal to offer. It is a robust operating system used by major military and governmental organizations throughout the world. At the same time, it is easy enough that my grandmother could use it. And it is free. And it is rock-solid secure. Incredible, to say the least.

Thinking about migrating? No time like the present.

19 Responses to “Major Linux Migrations: An Unbelievable List of Nearly 100 From Around the Globe”

  1. Michael Applebaum Says:

    Scott, many thanks for compiling such a comprehensive list! It’s very rewarding to see the work of the Linux and open source community get adopted on such a grand scale. No matter the industry, size of organization, or geography, Linux is delivering increasing value every day. I’d like to mention a list of customers we’ve collected at Novell who have migrated from UNIX to Linux, available at . It includes names ranging from Office Depot and the Finland Ministry of Defense to Audi and even Sesame Workshop (producer of Sesame Street).

  2. Rich on Linux, FOSS and other stuff » : Major Linux Migrations: An Unbelievable List of Nearly 100 From Around the Globe Says:

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  3. Scott Morris Says:

    Thanks, and thanks for the additional resource. That is incredible. Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Allie Engley Says:

    Scott, thank you for such invaluable information on Linux. This is so encouraging. Many years ago, as a CorelDraw user, I was pleased that Corel came out with a Linux OS and CorelDraw in Linux. I remember sending a note of thanks to Michael Cowpland (president of Corel at the time). Unfortunately the entire Corel Linux endeavor was discontinued. The Corel Linux OS was sold to Xandros. We all know the success of Xandros and the eee pc by Asus. Kudos to both companies. It’s great to have my Thinkpad in Ubuntu. Many of my friends are migrating to Ubuntu and other linux flavors. I believe Linux has finally come of age for the home user. Thank you, to the open source more blue screen!

  6. Scott Morris Says:

    Hey, you’re welcome. Linux is definitely much more accessible to the home user, I agree. Spread the word! Thanks for stopping by!

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  8. BobCFC Says:

    How about the NYSE recent switch to Red Hat.. that’s mission critical stuff.

  9. BobCFC Says:

    ps. I think you should follow the Pixar thing further; Dreamworks make all their films on Linux (Shrek etc), and I read that basically all special effects post 2002 for every Hollywood film are rendered on Linux (Lord of the Rings, StarWars, HarryPotter…)

  10. Kais Hassan Says:

    Great article, many thanks. I am kind of new to Linux, but from what I can see so far Linux can only move forward

  11. Scott Morris Says:

    Great point. Somehow, that one got missed. Just goes to show that this list isn’t even comprehensive. There could be many, many more out there than the ones I have listed here. Nice thoughts, man. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Scott Morris Says:

    Thanks, you’re welcome. 🙂 Yes, Linux gains momentum daily. Thanks for stopping by!

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  16. dsent Says:

    My 2 cents about Russia.
    Government don’t use Linux here at all – IBM intentions of 2003 didn’t result in something noticeable. However, when Microsoft started it’s “licensing crusade” in 2007 and proposed a deal to supply all government and educational organisations with licenses, The Ministry of Finance forbade that deal (too expensive). Instead, about $3 million were given to support development of comprehensive open source programs’ package for educational and governmental needs. Educational version was developed in 2007 based on Russian Alt Linux distribution and now enters it’s second adoption stage (first stage was limited “test-drive” in 3 of 83 regions of Russian Federation, second stage that planned up to end of 2009 is adoption throughout entire Russia). “Governmental” version as far as I know is still in development.

    my English is far from good, sorry for that )))

  17. JackAcid Says:

    Very impressive. I’m glad to see this list. It needs to be published WEEKLY in the major news papers around the US to show just how Linux is growing up and being used by major industry and world governments.

  18. Jay Says:

    Great list you have out here ! You might want to add this news article to your list too :

  19. Jay M Says:

    For those who are doctors/healthcare professionals, here is a great article (with weblinks to individual project/programs) on ’50 Successful Open-Source Projects in Medicine’ –

    Though I am from a health admin background, I myself was not aware of this !


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