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October 15, 2007

Linux the Scapegoat for Patent Lawsuits

by @ 10:50 am. Filed under General Linux, Linux News

The whole patent thing for software especially where it challenges Linux and other open source projects is absurd in my mind. It is apparent that there is still room to make money in software. That said, there have been many trends lately for movement to open source. Do not misunderstand me as saying that open source is taking over the software industry. I guess problems arise when companies say, “Well, there is someone who has money who is selling Linux. Let’s see what patents we own that we can use to get money from them.” I’m not informed enough about the case to know whether the whole “IP Innovation LLC suing Red Hat and Novell” thing is of this nature, but boy it sure smells like it to me. Groklaw has already jumped on this one. According to what they’ve found, M$ is making Steve Ballmer’s predictions come true. A Microsoft Exec went to the owner company of IP Innovation in June, and an Intellectual Property expert when there at the beginning of October. The suit was then filed on October 9th. Coincidence? Nope. If the ruling is made for IP Innovation, M$ will have a precedent and then could unleash their attacks on anyone using Red Hat, at least. Linux is making great strides, but I’m afraid it will have less impedance in non-commercial sectors because of M$ and these greedy patent holders. Maybe IP Innovation is legit, but I can’t say I’d give M$ the same benefit of the doubt.

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